Why Santosa

Why Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is your best choice?

All Santosa’s wellness programs  are centered around promoting individual wellness and vitality on multiple levels, reaching a higher potential of mind, body and soul. Each program has been crafted on research-based therapies, treatments and nutrition. All programs include treatments, therapies, supplements, health boosting beverages, daily classes and professional consultations.

Santosa Detox & Wellness Center represents a culmination of years of research into the world’s best detox and wellness programs, with a contemporary and functional edge that you just do not find in the world of holistic healing very often.


Featuring state of the art facilities, the center boasts a 5 star raw & vegetarian restaurant, a juice bar, 8 colon hydrotherapy rooms, a pavilion with an expansive range of healthy activities, a herbal steam sauna and plunge style ice-bath. This is all, of course polished with our signature brand of chic. With captivating views of the Andaman ocean and lush green jungle surrounds, there really is no better place to give your body the gift of wellness in Phuket.


Santosa integrates a diverse range of Oriental and Western therapeutic practices. Experienced practitioners and dedicated professionals offer a wide variety of health treatments, consultations, classes, seminars and programs for individuals and groups to promote the harmonious development of body, mind and spirit. The wellness hub of the south of Phuket, Santosa provides the perfect platform where the most prominent practitioners, trainers and the growing wellness community unite. It is a truly transformative place.


To offer our guests optimum flexibility, each program is priced without accommodation; enabling guests to extend their stay for additional non-program days or to add additional programs or holistic therapies should they choose to stay on, after the detox program has ended.

Santosa Detox &Wellness Center is a place for learning as well as detoxifying the body. The Santosa library is stocked with award winning titles from respected holistic wellness and personal improvement authors. The Santosa Restaurant offers regular cooking classes enabling guests to prepare their own mouth-watering raw meals, arming them with knowledge to take home with them when they finally leave the center.

The Santosa Pavilion plays host to many daily activities open not just to guests of the center, but all who are in Phuket. These range from yoga and meditation to fitness classes and Zumba.


Vegetarian, vegan and raw food plays a huge part of the balanced nutrition promoted through the Santosa Restaurant. Open to wellness program guests and Phuket visitors, the highly creative menu will leave patrons amazed at the unlimited variations of tastes, textures and sensations our chef can prepare using locally sourced organic produce when she can. Santosa’s juice bar is a healthy hub of activity, with delicious, cold pressed juices, incredible boosting supplements and a menu of on-the-go healthy snacks available.