Detox Programs

Most of the dietary and lifestyle decisions that we make today have a negative effect on our bodies, hampering our brain’s capacity to function, which in turn leads to negative effects on our spirit. Foods known to be ‘alkalizing,’ such as green vegetables, low fructose fruits, particular grains and nuts and other whole, natural foods, are not prevalent enough in our modern day diets to create neutral PH levels in our bodies, reducing our ability to naturally eliminate the accumulation of acidic waste. In essence, we begin a slow decay from the inside out, which causes lower immune system function, reduced energy levels, poor memory, inflammation and arthritis. The negative impact on our internal organs becomes palpable, and then whole a host of health problems begin to occur.

The good news is, that it IS reversible, and the answer is here at Santosa. A wellness center aiming to help you to clean your body, and return it to its most alkaline state, through research and evidence based internal detoxification and active cleanse programs. Not only will you purify your body and mind, you will kick start better health and a plan forward to help you adjust to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Santosa Wellness Center has developed a unique platform for restoring balance to your body, mind and spirit. A modern day detox program that removes years of pent up toxins from your cells, resulting in an improved immune system, better metabolism, hormonal equilibrium, weight loss, enhanced mental and emotional clarity, glowing skin and an increase in energy and vitality.