Active Cleanse

Our signature Active Cleanse is an ongoing retreat program available 365 days a year.

This program is based on exercise and scientific meal plan, compelling the body to ‘sweat out’ years of built up toxicity within. The active cleanse provides rejuvenation on a cellular level. By eating our wonderful vegan dishes, drinking the healthy juices, and enjoying our nutritional support this program will speed up your metabolism and release feel-good chemicals from the brain.

What is the special of our Active Cleanse Program?

  • Tailor-made preparation program with our professional trainer.
  • Special meal plan based on your daily calories norm with detailed proportion of carbs/fat/protein counting.
  • Personal assessment and training plan.
  • Early morning special work out in a daily base.
  • Private personal training session every 2 days.

Inclusions for Active Cleanse:

  • Health Questionnaire
  • Pre-program and nutritional support
  • Program orientation
  • Santosa Wellness Center professional consultation
  • Healthy talks every morning
  • Special Meal Plan
  • Early Morning Work-out or outdoor walk (beach or jungle)
  • Private training every 2 days
  • Daily Fitness & Body and Mind classes (Zumba, different styles of Yoga, Breath Work, Fit ball, HIIT, various types of Meditation, Boxing, TRX, Dancing, Cooking class and many more)
  • Daily Massage treatment
  • 1 extra massage treatments of your choice from our extensive massage menu
  • Daily blood pressure check
  • 3 healthy vegan meals per day (according to meal plan)
  • Daily healthy boosting drink (wheat grass)
  • Plant based protein shake
  • Fresh and delicious juices during the day
  • Herbal tea
  • Unlimited use of swimming pools, gym, sauna & ice pool
  • One spring clean Colema trial (optional)
  • Optional Alternative Therapies (Reiki, Demoka, Acupuncture, Breathwork, etc)
  • Resolution meeting
  • Before and after program results presentation
  • Santosa Wellness gift pack:
    • T-shirt
    • Natural toiletries
    • Detox shaker
    • Santosa tropical day bag