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Fasting – Water vs. Dry

Water Fast is a type of fasting in which the practitioner consumes water and no food. Fasting allows the body time to heal from all of the toxins and pollutants in our food and environment. Scientific research has proved how the brain literally grows and you become more intelligent when you fast. On top of that, recent studies at the University of California Berkeley stated that 3 day water fasts reset your immune system by activating the stem cells and enables you to perform at the optimum level.

Dry fast There are two kinds of dry fasts: hard and soft. With a hard dry fast, the faster does not allow any water to touch their body, i.e. no washing dishes, no taking baths or shower, no brushing teeth, etc. With a softer dry fast, the faster can allow their body to come in contact with water. When you go on a dry fast, the pours of your skin develop a greater capacity to absorb water through the skin and in a good clean environment will readily absorb moisture from the air. Dry fasting should NOT be carried out hastily, or if you are a beginner.


Items Water Fast Dry Fast
Food No No
Water Yes No. not to let any water come in contact with the body through the skin or mucous membranes. You heard that right: no showers, no swimming, no brushing teeth while dry fasting.
Period of time More than 52 you might be surprised to learn that therapeutic dry fasts as long as five, seven, nine, even eleven days are not unheard of.The longest period that is known is 18 days
Mechanisms Water aplenty helps your body flush toxins out at a rapid rate. Additionally, because this is a zero-food fast, you’re not putting any toxins back in while you cleanse. This frees your body to use 100 percent of its metabolic energy in cleansing. Because your digestive system is given a near-complete rest, extra energy will also go to healing functions. During a dry fast, the body survives on so-called endogenous or metabolic water, produced internally as a result of metabolizing fat tissue. Unlike any exogenous water, this metabolic water is of superb quality, produced by the hard work of our own cells. It literally erases any negative information imprint which the body had before the fast, allowing cells to experience a kind of a rebirth. taking in any available water from the air and supplying it to healthy cells. Besides water, the body during a dry fast absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide and nitrogen to manufacture its own amino acids. Since there is no water to flush out the endogenous toxins, these are eliminated by means of a unique mechanism, dormant during less rigorous modes of fasting: Each cell, in effect, becomes the furnace that burns up its own waste.
Results Our digestive system works without any rest, day and night. A water fast will give the much needed rest to the entire digestive system to repair and heal itself.The body has a natural mechanism to throw out toxins from the body during the healing process. These toxins are mostly thrown out through digestive system into the intestines. At this time, one gets a thick white coating on the tongue. The coating may remain even after scrapping the tongue. This is a sign that the toxins are being eliminated.A large colon cleansing is advised by the doctors during this time to speed up the removal of toxins which are accumulated in the large intestine. The health and vitality improves. You feel more energetic after the fast. When you start fasting, the body triggers your pituitary gland to release the HGH (human growth hormone). This hormonal surge causes your body to use more fat for energy, instead of breaking down muscle. Long term fasting is known to alleviate many conditions like eczema and other skin problems, migraine, sinusitis, chronic body aches, asthma, allergies, arthritis, etc. Fasting can reverse the aging process and boost up immunity. It gives a clearer skin and better sleep. It clears the mind and make one feel light and energetic. You’ll likely feel a certain increase in energy. For many, there’s a spiritual angle as well, as they realize how little we really need to survive.Fasting is a time for intense cleansing at physical and mental level. Inflammation cannot exist without water. Microorganisms need water to survive.
Dry fasting a highly effective tool to address acute health issues and degenerative conditions. Such a fast stimulates the immune system, activates the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms, purifies the blood and clears the blood vessels, as well as cleanses the GI tract and renews its mucosal lining.Dry fasting also eliminates parasites and promotes regeneration of healthy tissues. And this isn’t even a complete list of benefits. Every cell of the body literally cleans house. Only the strongest and healthiest of cells survive in such extreme conditions, while cysts and benign tumors dissolve as a result of autolysis, a process by which the body sacrifices its sickest cells for its own survival
Doubts When there is sudden lack of food intake, you may feel weakness, dizziness, nausea, etc which is quite normal. There may be also a drop in blood pressure and slight headaches. One need not get frightened with these reactions. You should take rest or lie down and do the colon cleansing to get rid of toxins that causes such symptoms. Unlike other types/styles of fasting, dry fasting has not been studied to the same extent, so is lacking in supportive evidence of its efficacy to physical health. Some of the symptoms/effects reported include extreme weakness and lethargy, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, and feelings of depletion.
Evidence All known religious faiths in the world have encouraged the practice of fasting. Ancient philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Pythagoras did with water fasting. Fasting is a time of introspection and emotional cleansing. This is the type of fast that was practiced by Moses for 40 days, Ezra, the Nation of Israel,the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Church’s absolute fast begins Saturday night and ends Sunday morning. In Chinese history are examples of men (masters) living from the pure energy of Chi, and not from the energy of food or water.
Recommendations A three-day or more water fast can be taken up by those who are well versed with the one-day fast. Longer (3-21 day)fasts are recommended for its various health benefits. The fasting should be done under the professional supervision. If you have a serious illness, consult your physician first, before you attempt fasting. Those with certain contraindications like tuberculosis and other deficiency diseases should not take up long term fasts. Also pregnant women should avoid long term fasts. You really must detoxify your body and gain experience of the fasting process before attempting such an extreme fast as dry fasting.


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    Request for volunteer.
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  2. abbas kazim says:

    Can hard dry fasting for 15 hours a day in summers of mean temperature 37 degree Celsius… fasting for 15 days can cause dryness of any of mucous membranes of body? Eg stomach

    • editor says:

      Hi Abbas,

      It depends on many conditions, will be good if you have a consultant who can talk to you in face to understand your current health first.

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