1 Day Detox is a quick and effective way to purify the body. It is also a great preventive tool to stay healthy and feel fresh. When our body is not suffering from toxic overload it can better fight bacteria and viruses, so we don’t catch a cold or a stomach bug as easily.

If you feel like you have been eating too much junk and spicy food or been partying a lot with a glass or two too much, a one day detox can help lift the burden from your system. Even if you just feel tired, lack energy and suffer from indigestion, you can get a great gift for yourself now. Don’t wait for that long vacation – make space in your schedule on the weekend and devote just one day to yourself.

Come invest in your health and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wellbeing and take true care of your body with our One Day Detox Package!

After your health consultation and detailed explanation on the process of colon cleansing there will be a morning and afternoon Colonic in our modern comfortable Detox rooms.

During the day join a Yoga or Pilates class with one of the best teachers on the island followed by a healthy raw food lunch in our fine dining restaurant with a stunning sea view.

Also included is a spa treatment where you will literally melt under professional hands of our massage therapist; you will get the best care that your body deserves.

Come to Santosa Detox and Wellness Center and pamper yourself today!