Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Detox, Fitness, Yoga, Colon Cleansing, Health & Wellness Retreat in Phuket, Thailand!
Santosa Detox & Wellness Center
Santosa Vegan Restaurant
Kata, Phuket, Thailand
3 Soi Plak Che2, Patak Road
Karon, Amphoe Muang
Phuket, Thailand, 83130

Spring Clean

Viewed as a trial program, the Spring Clean focuses on colon cleansing and includes an introductory colema for those interested in later exploring a full program.

Spring Clean Inclusion:

  • Welcome Drink – Water/Tea
  • Wellness Consultation – fill in QR
  • Program Orientation – How to do Colema
  • Colema Treatment (11:00am)
  • Debriefing – how did it go? Interested in further info about longer detox?
  • Coconut Water & 1 probiotic pill
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