Tara Campbell, a vibrant and enigmatic TV producer from Sydney, Australia, recently completed our 21-day Full Fast detox program. She had some wonderful insights about it, which she has kindly chosen to share with us! Thank you Tara, and congratulations on the completion of the most difficult and deepest cleanse available. We are so proud of you and your results, and look forward to seeing you again next year in Phuket.

“After 21 days I am feeling lighter, brighter and have such a clear mind. The 21 day program is an incredible way to totally focus on yourself, allowing the ultimate pathway into self-reflection. Every day at Santosa, we are educated about different facets of health, and my extended detox has led me to a greater consciousness and mindfulness about what I want to put into my body. I really feel that I am going away armoured with the knowledge of what I need to do in order to be healthy, and how I can apply it. This program has taught me that I want and need to look after myself. My favourite part of the program was the time I had to reflect on this – my work is very busy, and I do not get much down time at all. Detoxing for me was an escape from the real world. 

I feel that the Santosa program is well structured and designed to work synergistically. The day is broken up very well – the highlight of which were the coconuts and the massages which were relaxing and so rejuvenating. I felt that the Santosa team were all very supportive and accommodating, and made me feel very much at home, which was important, given I was staying for so long. John was lovely and insightful, the massage girls were both really good. Special mention should be made about the Program Manager, Sarah. She was extremely attentive and integral to my journey here because of the time she took to help me plan for my ‘life’ after detox, she has a very funny sense of humour which kept the mood light and upbeat. As a detox environment, I would describe Santosa as tranquil and perfect for relaxation. I also thought the accommodation was good, and especially enjoyed my time in the sun, by the swimming pool. I took advantage of the Santosa library and enjoyed reading a number of novels in my stay.

My tips for anyone embarking on a lengthy detox? Make sure that you do the pre-cleanse, it made a huge amount of difference to how I felt when I began to detox. Understand what you are getting into – do your research and remember that it isn’t a quick fix. If you want a total reset, then you have to work hard for it! If you are struggling during the program, remember your end goal – and Google pictures of healthy food!

One of the loveliest parts about my stay was the other guests. Santosa attracted some great personalities, and I really enjoyed getting to know them in the breaks between the program.”

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