Are you thinking of trying a detox? Perhaps you have read up on how to prepare for a detox, but still remain a bit unsure as to why you should detox? A detox when done correctly in a healthy, safe and controlled environment gets your body clean and can result in a wide range of positive effects for your health.

Juice Detox in Phuket

 Still not convinced? There are a number of reasons to participate in a detox program and we’ve highlighted some of the most important for you below to help guide you in the decision making process of whether or not a detox program is right for you. Health benefits of a detox include:

1. Remove toxins from the body

Our bodies are consistently exposed to environmental pollutants, pesticides, industrial waste and chemicals. These outside toxins affect our behavior, our metabolism and can often compromise our immune systems leading to a variety of diseases. Detoxing from the inside out removes these harmful toxins, chemicals and pollutants and gives our immune system the healthy jumpstart that it needs.


2. Prevent chronic disease

Although our bodies do have a built-in detox function, it can sometimes become overwhelmed. Chronic diseases can be prevented by taking part in a detox as the process assists our bodies in what they are trying to do naturally.

 Detox in Phuket

3. Strengthen the immune system

When our immune systems are compromised, it is easy to fall ill with fever, colds and the flu. No one enjoys being sick as dealing with illness affects our quality of life and our productivity levels. Detoxing regularly helps fight off infection as it strengthens our immune system functions.


4. Lose weight

It has been proven that toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, which leads not only to weight gain but also puts a person at risk for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Detoxing helps rid the body of toxins stored in fat cells and helps to increase metabolism.


5. Slows premature aging

Detoxing helps to rid the body of the heavy metals and free radicals which are partially responsible for aging. Detoxing also helps to increase nutrient absorption including antioxidants and vitamins.


Detox and our body’s systems

The above five are all really good reasons as to why you should detox. In addition to removing toxins from the body, preventing chronic disease, strengthening the immune system, losing weight and slowing premature aging, detoxing also restores balance to our body’s systems.

Our body’s systems, whether hormonal, digestive or nervous, have been designed to work together with our optimum health in mind. If and when we overload our bodies with toxins and unhealthy foods, the systems don’t work well together and we can get sick. Detoxing brings balance back to our body’s systems and helps them to properly function once again.

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If that is not enough to convince you to do a detox, it should also be noted that a detox program brings about mental and emotional clarity as well as improving skin quality, increasing energy and boosting our overall quality of life. What are you waiting for?


Detox in Phuket 

If you would like to learn more about the detox process or consult with a practitioner to narrow down the perfect detox program for you, look no further than Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. Located in Phuket’s idyllic Kata Beach, we offer a wide variety of detox programs including a Raw Fast Program, a Juice Fast Program and a Full Fast Program. Our staff is highly professional and will give you all of the advice that you need and guide you during your detox journey. For more information, simply fill out the inquiry form below and a Santosa Wellness Professional will get back to you as soon as possible.

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