I let my legs glide through the sand to the rhythm of the crashing waves. I sink my toes into the sand, letting it engulf my feet. I look up to see the waves beating to the rhythm of their own drums. It’s as if there is a heartbeat within each wave. I breathe in the pristine air of Thailand during our early morning beach walk before we make our way back to the beautiful resort that is Santosa. I take my sandals off and I make my way to the morning meeting.

As I sit there within our group of detoxers I get ready to drink my vibrant green wheat grass shot and my ginger tea. As it races through my body I prepare to make my cleanse drink all while revealing my very own oracle card and conversing on topics such as super foods or finding out more about chemicals in our daily lives.

I then find myself shuttered with excitement as I make my way for my coffee break, more formally known as a colonic! Not knowing what to expect on my first day doing a juice detox I was surprised to find how energized I felt. After my colonic I strutted my way to the juice bar and picked up my coconut juice and as I downed my nutrition pills I already begin to sense my excitement for the next exotic juice that Santosa provides.

I then get ready to release the strains in my body with Bliss Yoga. I struggled controlling my breathing all whilst stretching my limbs to the max. As I sit with my head resting on the mat and my legs far above my head I struggle keeping my body up, but with more aimed effort I am able to control my body and mind and put my body into a raised stasis. I let the sweat of pure effort drip down my face while I allow my muscles to cool down with my much awaited Juice.

As the juice rolls its way down my tongue I taste the pomelo as it has a rendezvous with my tastebuds, I taste the apple and mint medley as it weaves in between my taste buds, and this happens all while I get ready to relax for my warm oil massage. I lay in the room while I feel the fingers run up my back, like a massage from a divine spirit. I lay there unable to move, not because I can’t, but because the divinity of the massage is too pure.

Moments later in the Sauna, I find myself surrounded in herbal infused steam as it detoxes my body and releases unneeded toxins. As the heat rises, I run to the ice bath and I plunge my body into the arctic pool. Goosebumps manifest, my body’s circulatory system is jumpstarted just before I run back into the sauna for another round of a sweating detox. After I leave the sauna I find myself strolling into Santosa’s gorgeous restaurant to pick up my warm broth. As I sit in the restaurant savoring the taste of the warm broth at the end of the day, I look out from the restaurant to see the eccentric view and feel the sublime of living here. Tomorrow I embark on a new journey in the wonderful world of Santosa, and I suspect every moment of tomorrow will be just as resounding as today.