“A Thriving Life” Program

What is “A Thriving Life”

That answer will vary for each of us but one truth is pervasive; without health, none of us can thrive. We all require mental, emotional, and physical health if we are to enjoy a fulfilling life.

“A Thriving Life” program is a dynamic program that bridges science, theory, and practice. It offers participants a blend of exercise, nutritional insights, personalized plans, and an inner journey designed to help us find the motivation to reach our goals.

Recognizing the non-universal nature of health, the program explores the root causes of diseases and how the choices we make can contribute to them, based on the latest longevity research.

Emphasis is placed upon why we knowingly make some bad choices that negatively affect our health and the importance of overcoming personal challenges.

“A Thriving Life” creates a supportive environment to help individuals conquer self-defeating tendencies. It goes beyond fitness and nutrition, guiding participants towards a fulfilling, thriving life.

It’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation in a fun, caring atmosphere.

Thriving Life Program

The program “A Thriving Life” explores the following topics and much more.

  • The science of longevity
  • Learn the hallmarks of aging and ways to slow or reverse them
  • Fitness evaluation
  • The benefits of exercise and the development of a personal program
  • Weightlifting instruction
  • VO2max benefits and ways to improve it
  • Role of nutrition and simple changes that create maximum improvements to longevity
  • Role sleep plays in our wellness and ways to improve it
  • Development of a personal philosophy with the aid of ancient and modern-day scholars
  • Understanding how our minds work and how we can become masters of our choices
  • Imagining the best version of ourselves and living the vision
  • Behaviour change that is aligned with what is most meaningful
  • Creating the roadmap for our life’s journey

What are the inclusions for “Thriving Life”?

customized according to individual needs

  • Health Questionnaire
  •  Santosa Wellness Center professional consultation
  • Program Orientation
  • Santosa Wellness gift pack including:
    • T-shirt
    • Santosa Guidebook
    • Natural toiletries
    • Detox shaker
    • Santosa tropical day bag


  • Daily tracking consultation (guidance and coaching)
  • Daily health-boosting drink
  • Daily one fresh juice or smoothie or coffee
  • Herbal tea (by request)
  • Daily massage treatment
  • Colon cleansing (free one time)
  • Blood pressure check (by request)
  • Unlimited use of swimming pools, gym, sauna and ice pool
  • Morning exercise – yoga or beach walk
  • All morning and afternoon activities (the classes include different types of yoga, Zumba, fit ball, boxing, Dancing, TRX, Pilates, and meditation)

A schedule for the week will be given to you upon arrival.

Your typical day will start with an early morning yoga/exercise at 7.30 am.

The rest of the day will involve a mixture of classroom work, fitness work, yoga, meditation, massage, and meals.

All who can manage it will be doing Intermittent fasting, with the first meal being lunch.

Don’t worry, it is easier than you think.

“A Thriving Life” Program

7 Days

70,100.00 THB

Additional days

On Request

*excludes the cost of accommodation