Aerial Yoga is a new kind of yoga workout. Invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer, Aerial Yoga is a practice of Hatha yoga that combines traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance movements with the use of a soft fabric hammock suspended just a few feet off of the ground. The Aerial Yoga hammock functions as both a swing and a soft trapeze, and it offers full support to the hips while doing back bends and forward bends.

Aerial Yoga at Santosa Phuket
Described as yoga with a twist, the Aerial Yoga practice defies gravity and allows participants to perform a variety of yoga poses that prove to be challenging on the ground, but are much easier in mid-air. Not only is Aerial Yoga a fun new fitness trend, it is also a great way combat stress. The practice also offers up some serious health benefits, which include:

Total Body Workout

Aerial Yoga forces nearly all of the body parts to move and stretch. The movements of the practice tone and redefine the muscles, and strengthen the joints. More importantly, Aerial Yoga allows for decompression of the spine due to the series of inversions practiced during the class.

Anti Gravity Yoga

Improves Flexibility

With the aid of the hammock, Aerial Yoga helps participants move more freely with less effort. Being suspended in the air helps to release tension on the bones and muscles, allowing for an increase in flexibility. Aerial Yoga strengthens the body’s core muscles, and the inversions practiced in the class increase flexibility in both the spine and shoulders.

Increases Strength

While practicing Aerial Yoga, the body becomes more flexible and much stronger. This new found strength carries over into daily activities. Many Aerial Yoga lovers believe the practice to be as beneficial as cross-training due to the fact that the core workout increases stamina.

Aids Digestion

Aerial Yoga presents a wide variety of stretches and movements that help improve the digestive system. Regular participants of Aerial Yoga have noticed a vast improvement in their digestive systems, including less constipation and indigestion.1H4A1371-1

Reactivates the Body

While participating in an Aerial Yoga class, be prepared to sweat. Sweating has a lot of health benefits, and is vital to the functioning of your internal body. Aerial Yoga gets the blood flowing, and blood circulation reactivates the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Sweat nourishes the skin, as well as boosts brain activity related to intelligence and memory.

Be Creative at Aerial Yoga

In addition to the above mentioned health benefits of Aerial Yoga, it is also important to note that the practice is both spiritually uplifting and psychologically beneficial. Similar to other workouts, Aerial Yoga relieves the body of stress thus rebuilding your emotional system by clearing your mind. Much like other yoga practices, the benefits of Aerial Yoga tend to carry over outside of the classroom and away from the hammock. Participants find themselves less stressed in their daily lives, which leads to higher productivity and creativity. Creative, productive people tend to not only be happier, but also more optimistic. Aerial Yoga promotes emotional, spiritual and psychological health; the practice truly is as good for the soul as it is for the body.

Aerial Yoga

Before enrolling in an Aerial Yoga class, there are a few important things to remember. Firstly, leave your expectations behind. Don’t be afraid of the hammock; trust it. Pay attention to your instructor, and keep your mind open to the experience.

Is Aerial Yoga for Beginners?

There are no fitness level restrictions for Aerial Yoga. Even if you have never taken a yoga class before, you most likely will be amazed at the things your body is able to do. Everyone has different bodies and varying fitness levels, so if you are feeling a little nervous or confidence levels are low before your first class, it is important to remember this.


Although Aerial Yoga is beneficial, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant, anyone who suffers from vertigo, or those who have recently had an eye surgery. If you fall into those three categories, please consult your physician for advice.

In order to reap the benefits of an Aerial Yoga class, it’s important to follow a few simple rules:

5 Rules for Aerial Yoga

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow movement, such as yoga pants and a fitted top
  2. Arrive well-hydrated, and eat a light snack prior to class
  3. Observe good personal hygiene
  4. Be considerate of the people around you
  5. Remove jewelry prior to class and arrive barefoot

Aerial Yoga on Phuket

Aerial Yoga truly is a fun, innovative fitness trend. Santosa Phuket is proud to have been the first center on the island to offer Aerial Yoga. Our weekly classes are still very popular, and we welcome you to join us in our pavilion to begin your journey with Aerial Yoga. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:00pm – 19:00pm. For more information, please call 076 330 600 or fill out the Form.

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