Santosa Detox Wellness Center Group Of People In Meditation

Meditation is hard. Don’t let those serene looking stock photos deceive you like they deceived me!

So there I am sitting on my special little cushion (because that’s supposed to help!?) closed eyes, and breathing. I try to breath and everything is tight and hurts. Why am I doing this! So I stop. Frustrated.

ut the next day I sit down on my little cushion again. Why? Not because it made me feel amazingly serene and relaxed but out of the fact that surely it can’t be so hard to sit and breathe without thinking!

So more out of defiance than out of self love did my meditation practice evolve. And it taught me exactly that, self love and patience.

Meditation is not easy, at least for some individuals. But it is so worth it once you overcome the really hard parts, the start and the point where you think “I’ve mastered this I can stop now” point.

Tips to Follow

Here are a few tips on how to get past these hurdles to a point where meditation isn’t something we strive for or achieve but rather a moment in space where we can experience our being with no judgment.

  1. Make mediation a dedicated practice like any regime you have. Set aside a certain time for this and make sure not to be disturbed. Even get yourself a special cushion if you like…
  2. Give yourself a little warm up stretch before doing your meditation. Prep your body just as much as your mind.
  3. Find a meditation style that suits you and don’t be too dogmatic about it. Walking, sitting and lying down are meditation options as well as eyes open or closed. See what works for you.
  4. Start with breath; it gives you something to focus on as well as slowing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.
  5. When the frustration sneaks in, let it happen, don’t judge it just bring your attention back to your breath and let any negative feelings go. I found this to be very hard and what worked for me was just to say I’ll deal with those feelings later, by the end of the mediation you will have forgotten them altogether!

Dare to try? Make sure not to miss our beginners meditation class which takes place every Wednesday at Santosa Detox Center Phuket.