Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Coconut Oil Pulling

An ancient Ayurvedic practice, oil pulling is an efficient way to remove bacteria from the mouth while promoting healthy teeth and gums. Those who practice oil pulling regularly will tell you it is even better than flossing! If you are looking for a good way to whiten your teeth naturally, oil pulling is definitely worth trying.

Oil pulling is a wonderful oral detoxification program that can be done every day. The oil that we prefer, and without a doubt that one that works best, is coconut oil. Oil pulling is easy to do – simply swish a tablespoon in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Although the first few times might be a bit difficult, use the time you are practicing oil pulling to focus on something else. Perhaps read a book, get your bag ready for work or even choose your clothes for the day.

How does it work?

Oil pulling works in a similar way that soap cleans dirty dishes. It cleans and detoxifies the oral cavity by sucking the dirt out of your mouth. Coconut oil pulling creates a clean, antiseptic oral environment which in turn contributes to and enhances the proper flow of dental liquid. The proper flow of dentil liquid is necessary to treat oral diseases and prevent cavities.

Although recently it has gained a lot of popularity, coconut oil pulling has been around for many years and it has a number of benefits including:

  • Whitening teeth
  • Preventing cavities
  • Treating tooth decay
  • Eradicating bad breath
  • Healing irritated gums

Coconut oil pulling really can help transform your health. It is no secret that the mouth is home to millions of types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other toxins. The coconut oil acts like a cleanser and pulls all of the nasty stuff out of your mouth before it has a chance to spread throughout the body. Coconut oil pulling helps to free up the immune system, reduce stress and aids in the overall well-being of the body.

Another awesome benefit of coconut oil pulling is that it keeps the skin clear. As the coconut oil pulling helps remove toxins from the body, it means that the same toxins are not able to get into the bloodstream which gives skin the chance to glow and shine. Once you start practicing oil pulling, skin issues and rashes are often reduced dramatically and acne can even clear up.

Coconut oil pulling is definitely worth trying. It’s an effective method to whiten teeth naturally and it also removes toxins from the mouth ensuring better oral hygiene moving forward. It only takes 10-20 minute per day, so why not give coconut oil pulling a try?

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Full Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Fullfast 600X600

Full fast is a full cleanse program specially designed to enable maximum results. You will have no food / no juice but only drink water with cleanses drinks and nutrition supplements. Participants of this program will be subjected to the most powerful, yet natural, body detoxification processes. This program is suitable for those who have detoxification experience and are determined to go deeper for cleanse. A thorough pre-cleanse is also important for the full fast.

Juice Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Juicefast 600X600

Juice fast is a cleanse program to nourish and detoxify the body by drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the correct vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Guests participating in the Juice Fast Program have higher energy levels allowing them to take advantage of the various activities available at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Raw Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Rawfast 600X600

Raw food fast brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies. This program is recommended for guests looking for a long lasting and sustainable post program experience. With a balanced and nutritionally delicious set raw food menu in addition to the regular fasting supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular cleansing sessions, this program is designed to optimize the detoxification process in every way. A raw food diet has shown to increase energy levels, which is great for taking part in many of Santosa’s activities.