Bioenergy is a scientific name which tries to include a very extensive interdisciplinary area of research into the energy of living organisms. Bios is an ancient Greek word meaning life and energy meaning activity, but here energy means potential and possibility.
Science confirmed that all human bodies and other living organisms are energy and are surrounded by energy. BHT relies on this single basic principle: everything around us is energy which can be harnessed and used for curative purposes. The rest is all down to Zeljko’s intrinsic ability to tap into THAT energy field and channel it into patients in a healing manner.

Bioenergy Healing has been used for thousands of years throughout the world. Unfortunately, the relatively recent (19th century) rise of modern “conventional” medicine made people forget that when energy channels are unbalanced, out of synchronicity or blocked, minor and serious symptoms first appear sporadically, then regularly before becoming permanent fixtures in their lives. At best, BHT can reverse diseases, restore patients’ health and strengthen their immune system. At worst, it can slow and even stop the progression of disease.

BHT is scientifically validated and practiced worldwide, including in Russian and Israeli hospitals. It has proved to be powerful when treating common “modern day illnesses” which plague people’s daily lives such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, migraines, allergies, asthma, infertility to name a few amongst many. Of singular note, Zeljko’s speciality is all about dealing with extreme cases with excellent results when treating people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer who were told by doctors that they were incurable.

Modern medicine dictates that you should go from one specialist to another and be treated as body parts. BHT is the total opposite and does not treat you as body parts but as a whole interconnected system because every single part of your body is connected to all other parts of your body. Simply put, balanced and evenly distributed body energy means good health whilst unbalanced and unevenly distributed energy means disease.

Zeljko measures the electromagnetic field surrounding your body (also known as “Aura”) with a Kirlian Camera. In less than 15 minutes, he can translate your electromagnetic measurements and take you through the following:

1) screen captures of your “Aura”

2) diagrams detailing your systemic health with an approach to anatomic study organized by organ systems with an overview of your whole body

3) your Chakra Balance diagram.

This 15 minutes comprehensive diagnosis and BHT will save you incommensurable amounts of time, energy, emotional stress and money spent on specialists who are trained to treat symptoms but not the root cause.

Invest in REAL HEALING today and rediscover your body as it was designed to be!

Call Santosa if you are curious and would like to know more. We will be hosting Zeljko Susnjara who has been a Bioenergy Healer for more than 15 years and has treated thousands of people for intro talks so you can some and meet him in person.

1st BHT session includes Aura Measurement.
We recommend a minimum of 4 consecutive sessions (30 minutes each) to maximise therapeutic benefits and results.