What is bliss yoga? First let us understand the meaning of “bliss”.


To reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.”

About Olivia & Bliss Yoga

Olivia is effervescent with positivity and love, and this is reflected when practicing the ancient art with her. It explains why bliss yoga is such a popular class at Santosa… who wouldn’t want to leave a class, feeling like Buddha, tilting your head back and laughing at the sky, with the added bonus of flexibility, a clear mind and supple, sinewy muscles. 

Olivia practices what she preaches, and at Santosa Center we are blessed to have a living example of the benefits of raw food, yoga and meditation walking among us. 

Come and try her classes, which feature on our September schedule, and find out how you too can add a little sparkle into life and rediscover the magic of your body, mind and spirit connection through yoga.

Olivia’s practice is based on Hatha, and her focus is on evoking feelings of peace and serenity amongst her students. She is wonderful at working with clients of all levels, progressing and regressing the poses to make sure that everyone attains the most from their practice. 

Why does this class evoke such a state of bliss? In Olivia’s words… “When I practice yoga, I can feel good in my own skin, I can hold a position and feel that it is right from the nice energy I get in that moment, when my body, mind and soul are together and are “hugging” each other in that precise moment. What I learn is to be more aware of my own body, of how I move it in the space around me, I am aware of the harmony I can create with it, even a small finger is important to complete the beauty of a posture. With the body we all can become humans sacred symbols, moving the energy like a mantra , like a prayer and we can be beautiful to look at, like a work of art. I can learn to be aware in that moment and leave all the rest out, which is a great way to relax the mind.”

To book a spot for bliss yoga with Olivia at Santosa Wellness Center, contact us here or on Facebook.