9 day raw fast – best gift to your hubby

9 day raw fast – best gift to your hubby

“I surprised my husband with a 9 day Raw Detox at Santosa Detox & Wellness Centre right before our 5 week European holiday in July 2018.

From the very first day of our arrival we settled right in to the experience of detox and exercise. It was also a quiet period so there were not many guests which meant that we were pretty ‘spoiled’ by the wonderful staff. Each day we would wake up at 7am and head to the morning yoga, which was a wonderful way to start the day. Not too strenuous.Then we would have our green shot and head over to the morning meeting to explain the plan for the day ahead. We sipped on the concoction we had to take prior to our first colonic of the day and then would go to have the colonic which became a daily ritual (twice) we actually looked forward to.
Knowing that it was getting rid of toxins and waste in the body. The room was private and clean and there was a TV to watch informative shows.

After this there could be another exercise, like yoga, pilates, zumba, HIIT, acro yoga. Then the relaxing part of the day which we always looked forward to, a wonderful massage and then our Raw lunch. After this we might have half an hour to run down to the pool and swim and sunbathe before the next colonic. Then there would be another form of exercise or meditation for an hour. Time now for hot sauna and cold plunge pool.

Then, yay….. dinner! We did every single activity that was planned and virtually ran to every one. There was no time to sit and relax (except the half hour at the pool). We went back to our 2 bedroom apartment and there we would relax with TV or just simply get a good nights sleep and start all over again the next day.

We were loving it and my husband was feeling particularly good and energised and loving the fact that he was losing weight daily. By the end of the 9 days he had lost nearly 6 kgs and a great deal of visceral fat. I had lost just 1 kg (but had less to lose) but my body age that started at 36 (I am 60 yrs old) came down to 35 !

We went to Europe and met up with our friends and they all said how well we both looked. My husband still talks about Santosa daily and wants to return, which we will.

The staff were awesome, particularly Maria, Paula, Olivia and Leila. They are so knowledgeable and caring. The owner is lucky to have these girls and the other wonderful staff particularly when she returns home and leaves them to run the business. We could not fault anything. OK the accommodation is quite basic but it is clean and serviced every day.

We would highly recommend Santosa to anyone looking at changing up their lives and doing a detox who is serious. We look forward to returning in the not too distant future. “

June & Marty

Green Juice Fasting for diabetes guest

Green Juice Fasting for diabetes guest

Mohamed from Kuwait finished his 7 days Green Juice Fasting at Santoa detox and wellness center Thailand.

He wanted to use green juice fast to beat his diabetes.

He said: “I stayed here for 7 days, but I am sure I have changed all my body and the health also. I lost weight around 5kg within 7 days. I will do again… and thank you so much for the whole program.”

Before he arrived, we knew from his questionnaire that his blood sugar was pretty high, so we put him in the Green Juice Fasting. During the program, he stopped his medication with close monitoring from our team. His blood sugar level became much more stable after 1 day, and it continuously improved, till the end the program, all data showed normal.

In past couple years, we had many diabetes guests joining our Green Juice program and the result turned out amazingly.

Fasting is a real way to help the body to rebuild its capability to heal itself. This is the way to treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

We feel great that Mohamed decided to deal with blood sugar issues with the natural remedy. To deal with diabetes, a clean and balanced diet is also very important, this is what we will follow up.

For more information, simply fill out the inquiry form below. A member of staff will be in touch with answers to any and all questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you soon at Santosa. 

There’s a will, there’s a way – Case Study (Yoga Retreat)

There’s a will, there’s a way – Case Study (Yoga Retreat)

Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Yoga Retreat There Is A Will There Is A Way
Gender: F

Nationality: Singapore

Program: 5 days Yoga Retreat

Location: Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, Phuket, Thailand

Career: IT Sales

J is a lovely guest from Singapore.

She’s 41 years old and works in the highly stressful field of IT, but has been practicing yoga for two years.

Yoga is one of her passions and she became intensely devoted to the practice for health improvements.

So while already healthy, for J the goal of attending the Yoga Retreat was to deepen her existing yoga practice and gain more understanding of what yoga is all about, not just the yoga poses and asanas part of the practice.

What’s happened during the program?

One thing to note is that during the retreat, J was very determined and devoted.

She was extremely eager, and used this time to listen to her instructors which was definitely crucial to her success.

During her initial orientation, it was decided that J would focus on strengthening her existing practice, work on strengthening her upper body and learn tools on how to build up a better self-practice.

As the retreat includes yogi talks, J and her instructor decided together on two topics which were the Yamas and Niyamas and how we can incorporate these guidelines into our life in order to find balance, peace and harmony within.

Over the course of three lessons, J and her instructor ensured that she got the most from her retreat program.

Lesson 1 focused on getting to know J’s body, her weaker and stronger points, her likes and dislikes. Lesson 1 was a useful, general assessment of the student.

Lesson 2 focused on building up upper-body strength and sharing various tips, movements and poses that can help build up strength in that part of the body. Easy arm balancing postures have been workshopped and taught.

Lesson 3 focused on Yang and Yin in yoga class. Focused on strengthening the knees (the guest has reported experiencing pain in the knee joint doing some physical exercises), workshopped a few asanas, alignment techniques and movements to protect and strengthen the affected area. Then, the yin yoga asana was practiced and a body scan meditation was given.

J’s personal schedule was varied and allowed time for self-reflection and self-pampering.
Here is a reference to J’s schedule to better understand how her days were structured, and how your days might be structured if you choose to take a Yoga & SPA Retreat at Santosa.


The program was very successful for J, and she followed it well during her stay with us.

She is super active, dynamic and fluid, which made it really easy for her to join in any physical activity or classes at Santosa.

One takeaway J intended to focus on was the beauty of stillness and the quietness of the mind.

J gained a lot of confidence in the 5 days that she was with us and became much more aware of her posture and began the process of improving it. She incorporated many of the things she learned during her retreat into her practice.

During her stay, she joined all our morning meetings in which we offered plenty of healthy topics related to detox, diet, life style… She showed high interests in coming back for a Juice Fast Program.

We look forward to meeting J again in future.

Are you ready to transform your life through a wonderful Yoga Retreat?

For more information, simply fill out the inquiry form below and a member of staff will get back to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa in the near future!

Interested in Santosa Detox & Wellness Center? Read the Latest Reviews

Interested in Santosa Detox & Wellness Center? Read the Latest Reviews

Santosa Detox Wellness Center In Phuket

Tucked away high in the hills above one of the island’s most popular beaches, Santosa Detox & Wellness Center truly is a hidden gem in Kata. Surrounded by lush foliage and swaying trees, the center is a tropical oasis for those seeking to Awaken Life’s Potential by living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Santosa offers an authentic detox experience with a personal touch. Our therapists and practitioners bring with them years of experience and are dedicated to their craft. They will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and be a source of strength and wisdom.

We often ask our guests upon their departure to leave their feedback on TripAdvisor, as it is a wonderful platform. Not only does it help others to read firsthand experiences of the center, but the feedback is a good way to learn valuable lessons. A recent guest at the center had this to say about her program:

Life Changing Emotional Detox – The Santosa family provide an all round emotional detox. Healthy eating / juicing, exercise classes, massages and amazing healers. The 3 day detox was extremely well organised and I could not have asked for more. Thank you to all at Santosa for having me.

In addition to the detox programs offered at Santosa, there are also a wide variety of yoga classes and fitness classes to kickstart your health into high gear. The personal trainer at Santosa is lively and facilitates challenging classes that will produce wonderful results. If you are looking to get into a lasting fitness regimen, we highly suggest the classes at Santosa such as HIIT and TRX.

The class schedule is really impressively full – in a single day I would take 2 – 4 classes and got to try new things such as TRX and FitBall. 

There is an outstanding five-star vegan restaurant on the premises. The restaurant highlights innovative vegan cuisine and combines the highest quality produce and ingredients. The popular weekly buffet is a wonderful chance for guests as well as locals, expats and walk-in guests to sample our wonderful food. A sample of some feedback from Santosa Vegan Restaurant follows:

The restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants I have seen anywhere in the world and the setting is relaxed and natural. The vegan food is a good transition to fasting and you won’t be able to enjoy it as you come off the fast as you have to start introducing food slowly.

For those of you thinking about a detox program, we urge you to read through the feedback on our TripAdvisor page. These are real accounts of what it is like to experience our center, written by visitors to Santosa and clients.

A Place to Rejuvante – I’ve never been to a detox retreat before and Santosa definitely exceeded my expectations. I’ve been quite stressed at work so I signed up to the emotional detox to help refocus and de-stress. The program was individualised, which consisted of group exercises, daily massages and vegan meals that were surprisingly delicious (I am not vegan, but seriously thinking about converting)! The individual sessions with Liana, Susanna and Karn were wonderfully encouraging and enlightening. It was the perfect setting to unwind and I felt completely rejuvenated. Thank you to the team at Santosa for having me.

Want to read more feedback from TripAdvisor? Head on over to our Trip Advisor page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1210687-d6616706-Reviews-or5-Santosa_Detox_Wellness_Center-Kata_Beach_Karon_Phuket.html

Experience Santosa Detox & Wellness Center for Yourself

If you would like to experience Santosa for yourself, simply fill out the inquiry form below, and a member of staff will get back to you. Set amongst Phuket’s stunning nature and surrounded by greenery and trees, Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art wellness retreat in Phuket, Thailand. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you the path to Awaken Life’s Potential.

Review and Experience at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket

Review and Experience at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket

Santosa Detox Wellness Center Phuket Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence 2016


We are excited to announce that we have received the “Certificate of Excellence” by Tripadvisor!

From over 93 Reviews from guests that stayed with us, 71 guests rated us “excellent” and 11 of them with “very good”. It is amazing to read all the feedback from our guests, it motivates our team and puts a smile on our face.

Have a look at the reviews yourself at our Tripadvisor Page.

“My 3rd detox experience, the best ever! Friendly staff and professional executive team add high touch to my experience. Classes are amazing, all kinds of yoga, fit ball, pilates, Zumba, TRX…I attended all classes during my 7 days full fast detox, felt great, outcome was even greater! Never underestimate your capability! I will come back!” – Armay G. ( may 2016)

“I travel around trying different wellness center and I must say that Santosa offers the most friendly, accomodating, flexible service of all. Food is fresh and generous. Yoga and other activities are led by great professional teachers. I highly recommend Santosa.” – A1459 (may 2016)

“Liana, Colleen, Olivia and the team at Santosa are incredible. You will find yourself in loving, caring professional hands. Working with you at your own pace and where you are at emotionally, physically, they will offer the best advice. The calemas are worlds best practice, the massages are sensational, especially by Kung… the daily yoga, fitness programs and gym facilities are brilliant, accessible and compact. All this and more in a relaxing, bespoke cool mountain environment close enough to beach with lovely views. I have been back a second time, I will be back again next year. Thank you for all your support Santosa xx” – Trevor H. ( may 2016)

We want to say thank you to all our guests that visited us and we can’t wait to have you here again!

All the best from the Santosa Team.

A Day in the life at Santosa

A Day in the life at Santosa

I let my legs glide through the sand to the rhythm of the crashing waves. I sink my toes into the sand, letting it engulf my feet. I look up to see the waves beating to the rhythm of their own drums. It’s as if there is a heartbeat within each wave. I breathe in the pristine air of Thailand during our early morning beach walk before we make our way back to the beautiful resort that is Santosa. I take my sandals off and I make my way to the morning meeting.

As I sit there within our group of detoxers I get ready to drink my vibrant green wheat grass shot and my ginger tea. As it races through my body I prepare to make my cleanse drink all while revealing my very own oracle card and conversing on topics such as super foods or finding out more about chemicals in our daily lives.

I then find myself shuttered with excitement as I make my way for my coffee break, more formally known as a colonic! Not knowing what to expect on my first day doing a juice detox I was surprised to find how energized I felt. After my colonic I strutted my way to the juice bar and picked up my coconut juice and as I downed my nutrition pills I already begin to sense my excitement for the next exotic juice that Santosa provides.

I then get ready to release the strains in my body with Bliss Yoga. I struggled controlling my breathing all whilst stretching my limbs to the max. As I sit with my head resting on the mat and my legs far above my head I struggle keeping my body up, but with more aimed effort I am able to control my body and mind and put my body into a raised stasis. I let the sweat of pure effort drip down my face while I allow my muscles to cool down with my much awaited Juice.

As the juice rolls its way down my tongue I taste the pomelo as it has a rendezvous with my tastebuds, I taste the apple and mint medley as it weaves in between my taste buds, and this happens all while I get ready to relax for my warm oil massage. I lay in the room while I feel the fingers run up my back, like a massage from a divine spirit. I lay there unable to move, not because I can’t, but because the divinity of the massage is too pure.

Moments later in the Sauna, I find myself surrounded in herbal infused steam as it detoxes my body and releases unneeded toxins. As the heat rises, I run to the ice bath and I plunge my body into the arctic pool. Goosebumps manifest, my body’s circulatory system is jumpstarted just before I run back into the sauna for another round of a sweating detox. After I leave the sauna I find myself strolling into Santosa’s gorgeous restaurant to pick up my warm broth. As I sit in the restaurant savoring the taste of the warm broth at the end of the day, I look out from the restaurant to see the eccentric view and feel the sublime of living here. Tomorrow I embark on a new journey in the wonderful world of Santosa, and I suspect every moment of tomorrow will be just as resounding as today.