How I Beat Psoriasis

How I Beat Psoriasis

My name is Oscar. And I’d like to tell the story of how I beat a skin disease called Psoriasis.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I have had Psoriasis since I was about 18 years old. I remember how it first showed up as really flaky dandruff on my head. Then it just went away. In my 20s, it came back and I had it really bad on my legs, but generally everywhere else was fine. That wasn’t too bad because you could just wear pants. You see for me, I was EXTREMELY embarrassed by it.

Now in the last year, my flare up had been so bad, that around 80% of my body was covered by Psoriasis. My face, legs, arms, chest, back…man it was pretty damn bad. Not only was my skin so dry that it would crack and bleed, but I also had it in my joints. It’s kind of like having arthritis where I would find it hard to just grip things. Also, sometimes my feet and hands would cramp up a lot.

So what is Psoriasis? According to “Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. Now it’s IMPORTANT to note that, “Psoriasis is not contagious. It is not something you can “catch” or that others can catch from you. Psoriasis lesions are not infectious.” So basically what it means is that my immune system is on overdrive. Where a person loses x amount of skin per day, mine is like 10x that.

Now the only way I’ve been able to suppress or hide my Psoriasis through the years has been through drugs. And for me the only medicine that ever worked were injections (Enbrel and Stelara). These very costly injections are auto-immune suppressors. It’s same drug is given to organ transplant patients so that the body doesn’t reject the organ. Basically what it did was slow down my immune system to prevent the skin from scaling. And the injections also helped with my joints.

What didn’t work for me: Pills, creams, oils, acupuncture, UV light treatment, Chinese herbs and praying for my soul…

And why did it just flare up now? Stress…for me, my P flare ups have always been about stress. Number 2, alcohol, I had been drinking a fair bit recently over the holiday periods and I also know that one of my other triggers is alcohol.

So how did I beat this bitch?! You’ll have to read the next blog about how the TRULY AWESOME peeps at Santosa Wellness Center helped me and my skin…and wait til you see THOSE pictures!!!

Here’s a taste:

Oh ya…and I lost 6.5kgs/14.3lbs in a week!!!

Let me know what you think of my article by commenting below.

Thanks for giving it a read.

21 Day Active Cleanse – Terry Camilleri

21 Day Active Cleanse – Terry Camilleri

Terry Camilleri was born in 1949 in Malta. He is an actor, known for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), Gigli (2003) and The Truman Show (1998). from imdb

Terry came to Santosa where we specialized a 21 day active program for him.

As part of the Active Cleanse program, our staff will tailor make your program. The main emphasis of the program is to sweat out the toxins through exercise, raw food, sauna and massage. Terry participated in all classes held at Santosa, but we also took him to various places in Phuket for other activities.

In one of those active days, one of our Santosa staff, Sylvia, a qualified PADI Scuba instructor, took him out beach diving from Kata beach shore.

Full Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Fullfast 600X600

Full fast is a full cleanse program specially designed to enable maximum results. You will have no food / no juice but only drink water with cleanses drinks and nutrition supplements. Participants of this program will be subjected to the most powerful, yet natural, body detoxification processes. This program is suitable for those who have detoxification experience and are determined to go deeper for cleanse. A thorough pre-cleanse is also important for the full fast.

Juice Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Juicefast 600X600

Juice fast is a cleanse program to nourish and detoxify the body by drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the correct vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Guests participating in the Juice Fast Program have higher energy levels allowing them to take advantage of the various activities available at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Raw Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Rawfast 600X600

Raw food fast brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies. This program is recommended for guests looking for a long lasting and sustainable post program experience. With a balanced and nutritionally delicious set raw food menu in addition to the regular fasting supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular cleansing sessions, this program is designed to optimize the detoxification process in every way. A raw food diet has shown to increase energy levels, which is great for taking part in many of Santosa’s activities.

Thanks for all the GREAT feedback!

Thanks for all the GREAT feedback!

Thanks for all the GREAT feedback! You are want keeps us going. Want to know why people are saying these things? Come visit us and find out. This is used for SEO purposes only and does not appear on the page. Thanks for all the GREAT feedback! You are want keeps us going. Want to know why people are saying these things? Come visit us and find out. This is used for SEO purposes only and does not appear on the page. Thanks for all the GREAT feedback! You are want keeps us going. Want to know why people are saying these things? Come visit us and find out. This is used for SEO purposes only and does not appear on the page.

We are social creatures living in clans all around the world. Now through travel and intercultural experiences our love can spread and we can form networks to the furthest corners of the world. These relationships are amazing, sometimes they lay dormant and awaken through sheer coincidence, sometimes they are what keeps us going and open new paths for us.

Over the past few months we have met great people from a wide walk of life, we are so happy we could show them a little more about healthy living and in turn they have been so kind as to leave us a nice testimonial.

We love creating new connections, kindling old ones and opening our hearts for whatever may come.

Thank you to our friends for their support!

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Jen Fisher – 7 Days of Detox

Jen Fisher – 7 Days of Detox

Jen Fisher, a beautiful young lady from Hong Kong, recently completed our 7 days full fast detox program. She wrote us a wonderful and inspiring letter about her experience and feelings. Thank you so much Jen, and congratulations on the completion of your health program, we are so proud of your results, and look forward to seeing you again in future.

Are you ready for a life change? Check out our different detox programs here or contact us and our experienced staff can suggest one for you.

“To the Staff of Santosa Detox & Wellness Phuket,

Well, I did it! But I couldn’t have accomplished any of it without the amazing support of all of you.Your positivity, nurturing and genuine interest in my well-being has left me with sucha sense of gratitude and respect for each and every one of you. What you share here and give here is nothing less than phenomenal heading, and for this I THANK YOU.

I was searching for direction, clarity, something of substance and you brought that to me by your support and guidance.

Each of you brings something unique and valuable to this retreat which sets it high in quality. I definitely plan to take this lesson and valuable information and use it in my everyday life and I have you to thank you that.

I wish you much success in the future and you will be seeing me again. And if you’re ever in HongKong please let me know, you have a personal tour guide waiting.

Thank you again.

 JEN JJ :) :)”

Tara’s 21 Day Challenge To Purity and Vibrant Health!

Tara’s 21 Day Challenge To Purity and Vibrant Health!

Tara Campbell, a vibrant and enigmatic TV producer from Sydney, Australia, recently completed our 21-day Full Fast detox program. She had some wonderful insights about it, which she has kindly chosen to share with us! Thank you Tara, and congratulations on the completion of the most difficult and deepest cleanse available. We are so proud of you and your results, and look forward to seeing you again next year in Phuket.

“After 21 days I am feeling lighter, brighter and have such a clear mind. The 21 day program is an incredible way to totally focus on yourself, allowing the ultimate pathway into self-reflection. Every day at Santosa, we are educated about different facets of health, and my extended detox has led me to a greater consciousness and mindfulness about what I want to put into my body. I really feel that I am going away armoured with the knowledge of what I need to do in order to be healthy, and how I can apply it. This program has taught me that I want and need to look after myself. My favourite part of the program was the time I had to reflect on this – my work is very busy, and I do not get much down time at all. Detoxing for me was an escape from the real world. 

I feel that the Santosa program is well structured and designed to work synergistically. The day is broken up very well – the highlight of which were the coconuts and the massages which were relaxing and so rejuvenating. I felt that the Santosa team were all very supportive and accommodating, and made me feel very much at home, which was important, given I was staying for so long. John was lovely and insightful, the massage girls were both really good. Special mention should be made about the Program Manager, Sarah. She was extremely attentive and integral to my journey here because of the time she took to help me plan for my ‘life’ after detox, she has a very funny sense of humour which kept the mood light and upbeat. As a detox environment, I would describe Santosa as tranquil and perfect for relaxation. I also thought the accommodation was good, and especially enjoyed my time in the sun, by the swimming pool. I took advantage of the Santosa library and enjoyed reading a number of novels in my stay.

My tips for anyone embarking on a lengthy detox? Make sure that you do the pre-cleanse, it made a huge amount of difference to how I felt when I began to detox. Understand what you are getting into – do your research and remember that it isn’t a quick fix. If you want a total reset, then you have to work hard for it! If you are struggling during the program, remember your end goal – and Google pictures of healthy food!

One of the loveliest parts about my stay was the other guests. Santosa attracted some great personalities, and I really enjoyed getting to know them in the breaks between the program.”

Do you too want to join us for a 21 day detox challenge or any other detox program we offer? Then contact us on +66 (0) 76 330 600 to speak to one of our professionals.

Yvonne – The Healer at Santosa Wellness Center

Yvonne – The Healer at Santosa Wellness Center

Santosa were absolutely honoured to host clairvoyant, Yvonne Sargeant, from Australia, in August. She enthralled our detox guests with her readings, and injected an electrifying dose of positivity and hope when giving some incredible advice about the past, present and future.

Yvonne has an amazing background in water divining – for some of the largest and most prominentengineering and utilities companies in Australia. Although a rare skill, her true passion is to help people understand and tackle their problems, and her incredible intuition mixed with a background in mental health has provided the perfect platform to advise clients and assist them on becoming the very best version of themselves.

Yvonne floated around the Santosa Center inspiring love and serenity to pretty much anyone that crossed her path, which is the reason why we call her “The Healer”.

Thank you Yvonne for creating a truly spiritual experience for our guests, and adding a new dimension to their detox programs. Reminding us all that intuition is within us, if only we listen and that living with love, kindness and compassion is the ultimate foundation for happiness… you have inspired us all. We are really going to miss you, until next time of course!

Interested in Meeting Yvonne?

Yvonne will be back in no time and available for bookings if you would like to change and alter your perspective on what is, and what will be. So watch this space and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates at Santosa Phuket.