Inspiring Wellness – John Robbins

Inspiring Wellness – John Robbins

Giving up the Baskin & Robbins empire to focus on sustainable food sources

A bit of inspiration for the day… Did you know that John Robbins, the heir in line to Baskin & Robbins incredibly lucrative empire, turned down not only his position in the company, but also his trust fund, to spread the message about sustainable food sources and raw, plant based nutrition?

After witnessing the rampant heart disease in his family from a young age, John Robbins decided that something had to be done to compel the world away from unconscious food choices.

In 1987 he wrote ‘Diet for a New America,’ which finally created a link between environment, nutrition and animal rights, and started a revolution in the health and food industries. Many works followed, but it was the book “The Food Revolution” that really enraptured the world, and started to create true awareness and change.  It was one of the very first books to discuss the negative health effects of eating genetically modified foods and animal products of all kinds, exposing the dangers inherent in our factory farming system, and advocating a complete plant-based diet urging us to eat ethically farmed and produced produce.

This book is still one of the most talked about sources in the food-politics revolution, and is cited by so many key campaigners and academics, despite being over 10 years old.

If you need more proof that vegetarian food is absolutely incredible for you, just take a look at Mr Robbins himself… At 66 years young, he is the ideal advertisement and a wonderful face of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle! Tirelessly campaigning, and absolutely resolute in his convictions, it is hard not to be convinced by such a wonderful, inspirational man.

At Santosa Detox Center in Phuket, we follow his research avidly, and wholeheartedly agree with his principles behind choosing vegan & vegetarian food. Join us for cooking classes in our restaurant, where we display how to make vegetarian a little more sexy, and replicate some of the deliciously wholesome dishes from our wonderful chef Manoj.

Shape up and show off – Detox at Santosa

Shape up and show off – Detox at Santosa

Don’t you think it is time to shake off the cobwebs and get swim suit ready… We can all be a little decadent and over-indulgent from time to time – it is important to know when to stop, rebalance and keep your weight in check!


What better way than with a full body reset – by taking part in a detox program that won’t only see you lose weight, but gives you renewed energy and a total body cleanse that will ensure that you are glowing with exuberant health!

Remember what good health used to mean? Endless days on the beach, having fun in the sun and enjoying the great outdoors. Walks, bike rides, swimming, camping… our lives were centered around being healthy and active, and lithe bodies with sun-kissed skin were just a side effect of a life well lived…

Let’s step back in time and recreate the boundless energy and exuberance of  our youth… with a total body detox program at Santosa!

A detox program at Santosa is the perfect way to get your weight in check and recapture the vibrance of youth, here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Weight Loss
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Clear up skin issues
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Cure insomnia
  • Manage stress
  • Curtail cravings
  • Build Energy
  • Feel emotionally & physically lighter
  • Healthier skin, nails and hair
  • Improve concentration levels
  • Bring focus back to health

Shape up, show off, and reclaim that spring in your step! by Choose one of our four detox programs, outlined below:

Full Fast

A Full Fast is the strongest and most powerful of the three internal detoxification programs available at Santosa. What are you allowed to introduce to your body during this program? Just herbal supplementation, coconut water and broth. The aim is to switch off the digestive system in order to give the body a rest from its daily tasks. You will have also twice daily colon cleansing and a number of healing treatments helping you in your detox experience. The benefits are many, but include weight loss, renewed energy, a feeling of emotional and physical lightness and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Juice Fast

It is a gentler cleanse and detoxifying program than the Full Fast, it nevertheless remains a true and effective method of purifying the body of toxins. What are you allowed to introduce to your body during this program? Delicious fresh vegetable and fruit juices, herbal supplementation, coconut water and broth. You will have also twice daily colon cleansing and a number of healing treatments helping you in your detox experience.

Raw Food Fast

The raw food detox program is the gentlest of all the internal cleansing detoxes. Here we don’t switch off the digestive system but we refuel the body with the most potent nutrients available in a personally tailored raw food nutrition plan. What are you allowed to introduce to your body during this program? We have a great selection of raw food dishes to please the palate and delight the senses. You will have also twice daily colon cleansing and a number of healing treatments helping you in your detox experience.

Active Cleanse

This program is based on exercise and holistic therapies, compelling the body to ‘sweat out’ years of built up toxicity within. The Active Cleanse provides rejuvenation on a cellular level. What are you allowed to introduce in your body during this program? You can eat our wonderful raw food dishes, drink the healthy juices, take the right supplements and nutritional support. This program speeds up the metabolism and releases feel-good chemicals from the brain.

Testimonial by Kim Morton

Testimonial by Kim Morton

A Heartfelt Testimonial


Prior to coming to Santosa I had spent the past 8 months adjusting to a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis at 37 years of age. Whilst I was as positive as I could be about the disease, my energy levels were very low, I had to adjust my working life and deal with almost continual pain in the joints of my hands, wrists, shoulders and jaw. During acute flare-ups the pain was akin to my joints being on fire and stiff to the point of my hands resembling a ‘claw’. The medication which I have relied upon has some severe side effects and long-term problems associated with them – including diarrhea, inability to get pregnant and me catching any illness that is doing the rounds.

I had made a number of simple lifestyle changes in my efforts to adjust and minimise the R.A. (Rheumatoid Arthritis) but I decided that a more intensive change and effort was required. A number of articles I had read on R.A. mentioned that fasting and dietary changes had made a significant difference in pain levels for some sufferers, so I researched online and decided upon Santosa for a Full Fast Cleanse Program.

People bandy around the phrase ‘life-changing’ frequently, but I would have to say that so far this is precisely what the detox experience at Santosa has been for me. On day 3 I experienced an exacerbation of my pain, I believe due to the level of toxins being released into my blood during the detoxification process (a commonly reported effect of fasting upon R.A. sufferers). The team were incredibly supportive and adaptive (for instance helping me open bottles), and the infrared dome sauna worked wonders! In tandem with the herbal steam room and ice bath my pain disappeared by the evening! Now on Day 6 I have had no pain at all for 2.5 days.

My energy levels have sky-rocketed and I wake up feeling awake, light, bright, positive and vital – better than I have since I was a teenager. I don’t believe I had ever allowed myself a full day to devote to me, relaxing or my health, and now I’m 6 days in and loving every moment of my stay, and learning so much more than I had anticipated about wellness in general!

My first chosen massage treatment the Ionised Foot Detox Bath showed toxins being released, and ions rebalancing my joint and muscles, (sounds like the R.A.) and that my blood was purifying (probably from all my meds).

The Center itself is beautifully designed, fresh and perfectly equipped. The pavilion is so light and open that I am choosing to spend a large chunk of time there between activities, the treatment rooms for massages are again beautiful, tranquil, tastefully decorated – small warm havens for your chosen treatment. The colema rooms are well appointed, comfortable, with excellent facilities, a personal TV to keep you occupied, a fan and a great shower.

The classes and activities on offer are amazing, varied and a highlight in my opinion – I had never tried yoga, zumba, aerial yoga, or pilates before and now I may be addicted to zumba!

Whilst I’m sure that many detox programs are successful it is for me the personal touches which make the difference and would make me return and recommend Santosa. The entire staff team is so welcoming, professional, fun, approachable yet not intrusive if you need time to yourself, and willing to share their passion and knowledge, and bring in outside additional professionals such as nutritionists if it will aid your progress. I will miss them all when I leave…

I believe years of illness prior to diagnosis and therefore 20+ years of medication, toxins and bacteria are removing themselves from my body during these last 6 days preparing my immune system to re-set. My overall goal would be to be able to come off the medication – I will let you all know if/when this happens.

Thank you Santosa for everything, but especially for allowing me HOPE again.