14 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be a Yoga Retreat

14 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be a Yoga Retreat

Each year, thousands of people travel to exotic locations all around the globe to experience something unique. Something a little, well, different. Something that is a little off the beaten track of regular travelers, something that truly offers them relief from their daily stress and busy routines.
You, yeah you, reading these lines. You deserve something, a little more than the regular standard sun-bed-on-a-standard-sand-beach kind of vacation-setup.
For you, it’s time to truly power down to cleanse the body, mind and soul; it’s time for a Yoga retreat!

Chances are you’ve heard the term Yoga retreat being mentioned before, or seen it strayed out across the world wide web. Chances are that you’re even doing Yoga once in a while, or on a regular basis. It could however also be a perfectly suited alternative to those of you out there, that never have tried such experience before, but are keen on trying.

To all of you reading this, no matter your background in Yoga, we can already reveal something wonderful.

We can guarantee that you, during a Yoga Retreat, will find balance between mind, body and soul, without necessarily having to overdo it, like you get advertised with some of those, ‘over the top’ advertisements, you’ve see on TV or Social Media!

If you’ve ever considered going on a Yoga retreat, but need a little extra convincing, keep reading below to learn what a retreat actually is all about, what you can get out of one, and why you should consider booking your next Yoga retreat at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand!

What is a Yoga Retreat

Put in general terms, as a means to ease those of you, who’ve never been doing much Yoga, into the specifics of a Yoga retreat, allow us to define what it stands for, and how it can benefit you.

A Yoga retreat can be considered a ‘withdrawal from the world’, even if that is just for a bit, where visitors take the time to focus on the practice of Yoga, whilst also being away from everyday schedules, in different locations that don’t invite to increase stress-levels further.
Not that it necessarily has to lead you to destinations across the globe, to some exotic spot, but it surely helps you with recharging your batteries, whilst listening to the sound of the waves, being nurtured by the sun for some important Vitamin D, led by skilled instructors that with their vast experience helps you truly power down, rewind and reboot both your mind, body and your soul.

What is the purpose of a Yoga Retreat

Santosa Yoga Lesson

The purpose of a Yoga retreat is to allow yogis, and those aspiring to become one, to deepen their practice without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats therefore, in short, are considered temporary breaks from the daily routine that typically last from one weekend to a full week – or more!

While the purpose of a traditional Yoga retreat requires a bit of a slower pace in general, some retreats, like ours at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, are recreational vacations that feature luxurious accommodations, a high-end vegan restaurant and a range of activities that include Yoga classes, meditation, massage and much more.

We even offer Detox programs, which currently are in very high demand, Emotional Healing programs and Healthy Vegan Programs, to only mention a few.

With the guidance of an instructor or guru, yogis endeavoring a Yoga Retreat, learn to let go of distractions, as they immerse themselves in asana, meditation and pranayama practices.

The retreat may also focus on eating habits, to improve overall physical and spiritual health, as well as instruction in yogic philosophy.

Reasons for why you should consider a Yoga Retreat

There are many great reasons as to why you should look into this type of transformational vacation option as an alternative to the typical tourist hideout that many are flocking around year after year. Vacations can all too quickly turn out to achieve the exact opposite of what they’ve been designed for; to relax and power down. If too many of the same routines are on offer and the people in your surroundings aren’t necessarily in for the same goal – your relaxation holiday can quickly be brought to a standstill, or even worse, become a full-on nightmare.

With a Yoga Retreat however you can…

…Evaluate your current circumstances

If you find yourself stressed out by your current circumstances, then a Yoga retreat can help you take a step back and evaluate where you’re at, from a distance. Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions when we’re too close to the situation.

Brunette Girl Guest Yoga Nature Santosa…Connect with nature

Many Yoga retreats take place in beautiful natural locations around the world. What better way is there to get out of the hustle and bustle of city live, than going on a Yoga retreat!
You’ll be able to connect with nature on a deeper level, immersing yourself in your surroundings and taking advantage of them in a way you might not otherwise do.

…Surround yourself with positive energy

One of the best benefits of going on a Yoga retreat is taking a vacation that is packed with positive energy. You’ll surround yourself with positive thoughts and feelings. No need to worry about any vacation stress. Just embrace the positives vibes coming your way.

…Find healing

A Yoga retreat can act as a form of healing for your mental and physical health. Going on retreat can change your life, and help you deal with emotional and mental issues you may be having.
It can however also be healing for your body, if you’ve experienced injury.

…Disconnect from technology

Going on a retreat is a perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get back to the basics. So many jobs nowadays require to be on call and connected 24-7. Even if they don’t, many of us end up spending a large amount of our free time on Social media and glued to TV screens anyway.
Be in the moment and away from digital distractions by going on a Yoga retreat!

…Get a taste of living life with a purpose

When you’re on retreat, each day has an element of purpose. You’re concentrating on your practice, on relaxation, or busy with taking advantage of optional activities in between. Your health and wellbeing is in focus.

…Stop overthinking

If you find it difficult to ‘silence your mind’, and find yourself always thinking of the next thing you need to cross off your to-do list, then a Yoga retreat can give you a great opportunity to stop overthinking. Use a Yoga retreat to turn off all the ‘noise’ of your own voice and open yourself up for a more positive way of thinking.

…Commit to healthy eating routines

The food you eat on retreat is chosen with care for your general health and wellbeing. Going on retreat is an opportunity to eat well without having to worry about nutrition, as that’ll be taken care of for you.
Those are wellness habits you can take home with you.

…Deepen Yoga practice

If you struggle finding the time to practice Yoga in your everyday life, then one of the benefits of going on a Yoga retreat is also, that you are able to practice every day without distraction. Even the most seasoned Yoga practitioner can deepen their practice on retreat and aim to reach the ‘next level’.

Group Yoga Lesson Santosa

…Really relax

A reason to go on a Yoga retreat is to give yourself the opportunity to truly relax. Planning a vacation can be hard work. On a Yoga retreat, you can really escape and have nothing else to do, other than concentrating on the retreat itself.

…Meet new people

Yoga retreats attract like-minded people, and one of the benefits of attending a retreat is the ability to make new connections and friendships with people from all over the world, who will add new positivity to your life.

…Take time for yourself

We often tend to give so much of ourselves in our daily lives, that it can be difficult to really take a moment just for ourselves. While you can meet some amazing people on a retreat, you can also use it as an opportunity to be fully alone. Wellness travel is all about taking that time for yourself, and is a top reason to go on a retreat!

…Return refreshed

Have you ever been on a vacation and come home, feeling like you need another one? A Yoga retreat might have you booking your next vacation as soon as
you’re back – but it will then only be because you’re so relaxed and refreshed, that you’ll just want to do it again!

…Have a unique experience

Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. The other people and your state of mind, at the time, will never be the same again. Booking a Yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience, and each retreat will be different as you continue to grow within yourself.

So, if you want to let go of stress, meet open-minded, worldly and loving people — all while getting fit in both body, mind and soul, then you’ll definitely want to consider a yoga retreat at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand

Read more about our Yoga Retreat Program.

How to reduce CORTISOL? The answer is right under your nose!

How to reduce CORTISOL? The answer is right under your nose!

Picture the physical reaction that you have to stress… your heart rate goes up, blood pressure increases, blood sugar sky- rockets, pupils dilate, breathing quickens, digestion and immunity disappear… your body is preparing itself for ‘fight or flight’. Then our brain tries to help us out, by releasing the stress hormone, cortisol, which greatly enhanced our survival rate in human history. The short term effect of cortisol is a positive one. Along with adrenaline it sharpens our senses, quickens our reactions, and makes us think and act with clarity. In prolonged doses, it is not so fantastic. These days, a chronic overabundance of cortisol from long term daily stress is a dangerous predicament that can make us very sick. So how do we reduce it?? That’s easy, and right under our noses!!!

How does cortisol get released?

Perception of stress occurs in our mind and then when it reaches the hypothalamus in the brain, a signal called CRH is sent to the pituitary gland which releases another hormone called ACTH that moves through the bloodstream to the adrenal gland. A cascade effect takes place in the adrenal gland that results in the production of cortisol. Interestingly, when cortisol is released it increases blood sugar levels and breaks down protein in our body, transforming it into sugar, and when this is not used up, all the excess sugar turns into FAT. This means that long term stress and increased cortisol levels over extended periods of time can increase fat deposition in the body, especially around the belly. Increased levels of cortisol also suppress the immune system, making us more vulnerable to different diseases too!

But how do we decrease our cortisol levels?

To decrease the effect of too much cortisol we need to activate the parasympathetic nervous system… this will counteract the stress response. Many studies have shown that practicing yoga may just do that. Saliva tests to the level of cortisol in yoga students before and after their yoga class, has shown a clear decrease in the stress hormone. Meditation and other breathing exercises are the best, easiest and quickest way to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and to reverse the increased cortisol effects. Just take a few minutes for some deep abdominal breaths; expanding your belly as you inhale and bringing the navel back in towards the spine when you exhale. It was there all along… the answer is LITERALLY just under your nose!