We all know that choosing to detox is a huge gift to your overall health and wellness, but how do we know which program suits us when there are SO MANY options out there? The right detox program for you depends on the current state of your diet and lifestyle, and to make it easy for you to choose… we have made this simple quiz!

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Question #1: How would you best describe the current state of your health?

A. I am in excellent health with a great level of fitness.
B. I am content with my health but could do with a reset or spring clean.
C. I am relatively healthy but my energy levels are low, I have issues with my weight and my moods can be up and down.
D. I am unhealthy, my immune system is suffering,  would like to work on my health and fitness.

Question #2: Do you want to change your lifestyle?

A. Health is my lifestyle, but I am always looking for ways to learn more or become even more healthy.
B. I am in a bit of a lifestyle rut and would like a quick reset to get back on track.
C. I am not sure that I can change my lifestyle, but I am always open to being educated and trying new things.
D. My lifestyle needs to change – I am actively searching for ways to change it.

Question #3: How dedicated are you to doing a detox program?

A. I have done detox before, so it would depend on what the detox program could teach me.
B. Detox seems like a great way to lose weight and learn more about diet.
C. I hope that detox can help me, I want to create change but I am not sure exactly how.
D. Right now I will do anything!

Question #4: How would you describe your diet best?

A. Vegetarian – mainly plant based, whole foods. I steer away from dairy and gluten, and I try not to consume processed food, coffee and alcohol.
B. Quite healthy – meat/fish and vegetables. I try not to eat processed food and drink coffee and alcohol in moderation.
C. I am guilty of eating on the run, and sometimes eating sugar and fast food. I drink on weekends and have one or more coffees a day.
D. I have an unhealthy diet heavy in processed, sugary and fatty foods. I consume soft drinks, coffee and alcohol on a regular basis.

Question #5: What are your expectations from a detox program?

A. Health is my priority, I just want the opportunity to learn more.
B. I am already quite healthy, but I want to restrict certain foods or curtail cravings.
C. I want to be healthier and learn how to best approach it.
D. I’m dealing with a health issue and want to get to the bottom of it.

Mostly A’s:

Health is your number one priority, and your ideal holiday doesn’t involve sitting and drinking on a beach – it means building even stronger health and vitality. Your system is strong, and you are perfectly primed to take part in a Full Fast Cleanse – the strongest and most purifying of the three internal cleanse options available. To learn more about the full fast, click here.

Mostly B’s:

You are very healthy, but everyone could do with a reset from time to time. The Juice Fast cleanse is the most effective way for you to purify your system, gentler than the Full Fast, you will find that it is still ultra-cleansing, but allows you to keep your energy up with less pronounced detox symptoms. To learn more about the juice fast, click here.

Mostly C’s:

Starting on a raw food fast would be the best option for you – we would then transition you over to a juice fast so that you could experience the fantastic transformation that happens when your digestive system is switched off. Beginning on raw food means that your body will have the chance to detox from some of your dietary and lifestyle choices, and lessen uncomfortable detox symptoms significantly.
To learn more about the raw food fast, click here.

Mostly D’s:

To make a true change to our health and wellbeing, sometimes it is important to tread gently. Taking part in a raw food fast will give your body a transition into alkalinity that will be comfortable and seamless. You will enjoy a strong education on the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle, as well as a plan forward with the support of our wellness experts at Santosa.
To learn more about the raw food fast, click here.