We all make resolutions and we want to stick to the them.

This year will be the year when you finally let go of sweets and we master the yoga posture that made you sweat last year, or you finally make the decision to go for your dreams.

And it will be the year also when you decide to read more, to make good laughs and to make new friends.

Why not? Resolutions are not only “hard work’ to do, they can actually be funny and exciting.

Here are some examples:

– Say “hello” more

You might suffer from loneliness or you want to improve your health? Just say more hellos.

Get out of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to say hello at least to five new people every day. It will be the easiest thing you can do for your health and for your mood.

– Watch funny movies and videos and read funny books

Science continues to demonstrate how beneficial laughter can be (have you ever heard about Laughter Yoga? If not, check it out on Google, join one of their circle and get ready for a transformation! …and this can be #3 resolution!)

Laughter can decrease levels of the hormone that impairs short-term memory, and defuse anger and anxiety.

Funny movies can be really helpful.

– Learn and do something new everyday

Dr. Lawrence Katz, the father of Neurobic, affirm that when we learn, and do, something new everyday, we literally create new neural paths. This promotes our brain health, as a prevention for Alzheimer’s disease.

Some ideas: brush your teeth holding the toothbrush with your non-dominant hand; change your place when you sit at the table for lunch; button your shirt up using your non-dominant hand; make a drawing with your eyes closed and use only your visual memory to do it; open your fridge RIGHT NOW and make a dish using what you find in the fridge – using not more than six ingredients;…… the list is endless!

To your new resolutions! Don’t forget to write them down and to let us know!