Welcome to this first episode of the Coach’s Corner.
Every week you will find hints, informations and exercises for you.
Are you ready to work for your success (whatever meaning you give to that word)?
Let’s go!

This week I want to talk about happiness; according to the last discoveries of neuro-sciences, happiness is not a random event that takes place in our life seldom, it’s like a “muscle”, it’s a capacity that we all have and that we can implement.
As Stephen Littleword states, “Happiness is a daily choice. You do not find it in absence of problems. You find it despite the problems”

Here is the exercise; what you need is a notebook, a pen and some time for you.
Are you ready for auto-coaching?

Open your notebook:

1- Acknowledge that maybe you’re not happy.
Describe the situation, as much accurately as you can. Don’t judge it, just describe it.

2- Go deeper…
Ask yourself: “Is it really true? Has it always been true?”

3- Investigate the situation
Ask yourself “what are the positive aspects of the situation? What good results can occur out of this?” and write down

4- Open your treasure-chest
Ask yourself” What I did in the past, that helped me dealing with difficulties?”
If you cannot recall an experience, answer this question: “what could I do now to solve the situation?” and if you cannot come up with an answer, answer this question: “Do I know someone that did it successfully?” (and this someone could be someone you know, or a character from a book or a movie you like)

5- Last but not least…
Ask yourself: “ what can I do to change that?” and write down at least five new actions that you could do (the actions should be realistic and ecological for you)
Is this really important for you? What do you think about that?

Then commit yourself to act as you decided.

In the comment part below, let us know about your insights, your new actions and of course, about your results!