One of the reasons that we absolutely adore detox is watching our guests leave feeling happier AND healthier. Time and time again, we see total transformations, and they are certainly not just skin deep. 

The Results of a Detox

It is true – detox will make you lose weight, result in clearer skin, brighter eyes, thick and lustrous hair and help us to radiate a luminescent glow from within. But the true magic occurs on a much deeper level – the coming together of body, mind and spirit! 

The reason why detoxification has been around for centuries is because of the profound shift that is able to occur when focus is taken away from food, and when we deeply purify ourselves on a cellular level. The act of fasting itself is about mastering the mind and bringing intense focus onto the self. It represents the precious opportunity to clear the mind and bring about greater focus, concentration and realize who you truly are. The simple act of breaking habits and completely changing routine is proof that it only takes a short time to totally transform your mind. True energetic shifts and the nurturing of your soul can only take place when you focus all of your energy on looking after its kingdom – your body! 

Don’t forget to check out the different detox programs that Santosa offers and let us know if you have any inquiries, as our team of professionals is here to help.

Happy Detox!