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Santosa Detox & Wellness Center
Santosa Vegan Restaurant
Kata, Phuket, Thailand
3 Soi Plak Che2, Patak Road
Karon, Amphoe Muang
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Q. Why fast at Santosa?

The Santosa Detox & Wellness Center gives personal attention to its Guests during the fasting process, considering the individual’s reactions on each level; physical, emotional and spiritual. We can also suggest the right treatment according to the different needs, thank to our many years of experience in the detox and wellness techniques. Several holistic therapies and activities are included in our detox packages, like detox yoga to move your energy in the morning and detox massage to help in the cleanse process. We are based on the beautiful island of Phuket and we offer also some activities to enjoy its beauty, like beach walk in Kata Noi or visiting the Big Budddha, which also includes a nice walk, with great views and fresh air.


Q. Reading your web site, I feel that the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is not the same like other cleansing centers, is that so?

We are always very much in touch with our Guests, trying to make them feel at home and comfortable in this important path of wellness and detox they chose to follow, no matter the length of their stay. If this is what you mean, then yes, we are different from centers with large number of people on a detox. We can follow our Guests step by step, helping them to release the body of the emotional and physical blockages. At Santosa we encourage a healthy lifestyle and give important guidelines to follow, once the Guests leave our place, to keep on living in a balanced and healthy way.


Q. What are the benefits of colon cleansing?

It releases the toxins from your body, it increases the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients, it makes the digestive system more effective, it increases vitality, energy and clarity of mind, it kick-starts weight loss, it increases fertility and maintains pH balance in the blood stream.


Q. What can colon cleansing heal?

Relief or elimination of allergies, irritability, fatigue, arthritis, skin problems, bad breath, depression, headaches, allergies, abdominal bloating, menstrual and fertility problems.


Q. Why is a fast/detox recommended?

In our modern time, it is very easy to get diseases and imbalances, because of wrong diets and unhealthy lifestyles. We are also exposed to toxins via air, water and land, coming from industrial emissions, pesticides, medications, fertilizers, oil spills, sewage and garbage. A detox is a very effective way to deal with illnesses starting from the cause rather than curing the effect; fasting and detoxing are also excellent preventative cures.


Q. Why is it better to do a supported fast at a center?

Because people here can take a distance from their usual environment and be totally focused on their detox program, with all the support we can provide during this time of physical, mental and spiritual healing. The beauty of the center also helps in doing this, as well as the nature which surrounds it.


Q. What is a colema?

A colema is also known as a “colonic” and it is a safe way to clean the colon and help it to release some waste material. It is basically the cleansing of the colon through the administration of water, herbal solutions or other substances as coffee.


Q. Are enemas also as effective?

Enemas are better than nothing; they might help a bit but not as much as colonics. Enemas can empty only the lowest part of the rectum/bowel, which is 6 to 12 inches of the colon.


Q. How long does a colema take?

A colema session can take from 20 minutes to 1 hour.


Q. Is a colema painful?

A Colema is not painful. Some people might feel some discomfort at first, but after a few minutes, they can relax into the process. A colema can actually give a feeling of being lighter and cleaner afterward. It is better to relax and breath deeply and just enjoy the process and the water, gently flowing and cleaning the intestine. It is helpful to remember that the person is in control of the flow of water. We always give the right instructions to the person, right in the colema room, in order to clear any doubt or question.


Q. What is the difference between an enema and a colema?

An enema bag can hold a maximum of 2 liters of water and it doesn’t need a colema board, as the person lies on the floor, ready to go and seat on the toilet, once the water can’t be retained any longer. With a colema, the person lies down on a colema board, free to release during the process, without removing the colema tube. Enemas reach only the lowest part of the colon and bowel, while colonics go deeper. They can help the intestine in getting rid of mucoid plaque or long standing deposits in the colon. If you want to reach a deeper level of cleansing, it is better to choose colemas (colonics).

Colemas use 12 liters of water in each colonic, with water flowing in and out of the colon naturally and without discomfort. The person lies down on the colema board, with hands free to massage the abdomen and free to release the water, without stopping the process. This procedure is repeated until the entire contents of the bucket is finished. A colema is effective in removing mucoid plaque from the walls of the colon.


Q. Can herbs clean out the colon?

Herbs can help, but they tend to be too harsh on the body and on its immune system. Some people have already a low immune system and herbs could make them too weak. We believe in the cleansing process to be a rest for the body rather than a stress. We use colemas to clean the colon rather than herbs.


Q. Why do we recommend two colemas a day?

Most of us have a great amount of impacted feces in the colon which is better to remove. A colema can help in this, together with a detox program. When we fast, we release a huge amount of toxins into the blood stream and two colemas a day can flush out this waste faster.


Q. Which kind of colema is more advisable? Coffee, garlic or plain water colema?

All the colemas have filtered water as a base and what is then added, it depends on the individual needs, which will be discussed with our staff. For example, a garlic colema it is recommended in case of parasites and candida as it is a powerful germicide as well as an immune enhancer.


Q. Is it hard to go through a detox?

It depends a lot on the lifestyle of the person, the level of stress and toxicity of the body. During a detox, some days can be harder and with low energy level and others are totally fine and with higher energy level. No matter what, you should just keep in mind that you are doing something good for yourself, and that you will feel better after your detox experience. A detox might also release buried emotions, which can be painful at first, but once the work has been done, it is a true sense of freedom.


Q. Is it ok to detox if you are a smoker?

Sure you can start a detox, although it is better to smoke less during the cleanse. Some smokers find it pretty much easy to cut down on their cigarette intake and they even try to give up, some others don’t feel to smoke so much anymore.


Q. What is the schedule of the detox?

It is recommended to arrive one day prior to the detox, just to give you more time to settle in, but if you can’t, we still can manage it in the best way to make you feel comfortable. The detox and wellness program starts at 7:30 in the morning with some light activity like Yoga or Pilates. We will give you all the information you need and we will be here to answer to all the questions you might have, before starting your detox experience.


Q. Which physical conditions could prevent someone from doing a detox?

These are the main contraindications for our detox: cancer of the colon, carcinoma of the rectum, intestinal perforation, recent history of GI or rectal bleeding, recent colon or rectal surgery, fissure or fistula, diverticulitis, rectal or abdominal tumors, abdominal surgery, abdominal hernia, uncontrolled hypertension, history of seizures, heart failure, recent heart attack, general debilitation, vascular aneurism, renal insufficiency, epilepsy or psychoses, cirrhosis, pregnancy, ulcerative colitis, acute Crohn’s disease, mental disorders/illness.

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