Why is raw food so popular nowadays? Why should we embrace raw food in our life?

Santosa’s Raw Food Chef and Coach Susanna Eduini is going to give you a perfect answer in her raw food cooking class.

“Raw food are easy to digest, so our bodies are less taxed and more energetic and we can use this extra energy to live at our best, to go towards our best dreams and make them happen and manifest into reality.”

–       Susanna Eduini

The classes are well designed and composed of 6 sessions, if you choose to attend for 2 weeks, you will have a rather complete picture of raw food concepts. However, each session is also valuable as a standard session you can pop in anytime. Susanna is a famous coach in Italy, in her class, your 5 senses will be all enticed to taste, smell, touch, feel, and see what raw food is about, making it an unforgettable experience.

Our first raw food cooking class will be on Dec 3 (Wednesday) from 15:00 to 16:00. Please call to book @ 076-330-600.

A Brief introduction of Susanna Eduini

Raw Food Chef and Vegan Coach

Author of 3 bestseller books in Italy

–       [Raw Food is served]

–       [Juices and Smoothies]

–       [Sweet and Raw]