We have spoken numerous times about the physical benefits of a detox program, however the emotional clearing and spiritual lightness that can be achieved is not without some uncomfortable symptoms of its own. During a detox program, our body feels discomfort whilst toxins are being disposed of more quickly that our elimination systems are able to handle. During this period, many people feel irritable, tired, teary, and as though they just want to give up. This is only temporary, so we need to switch on a positive mindset in order to combat the negativity and enter into a faster’s high. 

Our top tips for turning your mind around?

1. Surrender to the process

Accept the discomfort and remind yourself that you knew that this was part of the hard work required in order to purify your body. Let go and do not fight yourself – the whole point is release, of both physical AND emotional toxins. If you need to cry, allow yourself to. The adage, ‘this too shall pass’ is key.

2. Remember your goals
Did you sign up for a detox program because you felt toxic? Overweight? Wanted to improve your energy levels? Reduce your cortisol? Reminding yourself of the reasons why you spent money and time on detoxing your body, is a great way to focus on the end goal and create positive intent. 

Watch your emotions instead of allowing your emotions to control you, recognise that they are not you. Ponder on reflect on what you are feeling, acknowledge it and then allow yourself to release it. It might be unpleasant, however just as physical cleansing creates strength, so does emotional cleansing with regards to mental power.

3. Have support
If you are aware that you are going through emotional trauma, make sure that you have some support. Santosa
Detox Center has a number of practitioners on hand to assist with the emotional part of detoxing, and indeed mental changes that you would like to make. Remind your loved ones that you may have a difficult time during detox, and ask for their encouragement whilst you are going through the process. 

4. Make the experience as easy as possible!
Drink plenty of fluids so that the toxins are flushed out of your system as quickly as possible. If you are feeling particularly bad, have a full body massage to encourage circulation. Attend the morning yoga classes to give your mind a rest and to banish toxins from joints and ligaments. Take hot showers and use the sauna – sweat it out! Remember to respect the detox – if you are tired, then rest. 

At Santosa in Phuket, all of our retreat guests are under constant guidance from experienced detox professionals. Our guests know that they only need to ask if they need a herbal remedy, on the spot answer, or even a shoulder to cry on! The feelings of lightness and emotional release are so profound – remember no pain, no gain!