Join us for a special discussion about healing and guided meditation class to help harmonize the body on the physical and emotional levels. Based in Taoist Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory we will use guided visualization and breath work techniques to rejuvenate and clear stagnant energy and toxins from the internal organs, fascia and energy meridians. No previous meditation experience is necessary. This simple practice imparts a profound awareness of how energy moves in the body and teaches simple techniques that anyone can use to keep it flowing.



About Jason

Jason is a healer and teacher with 30 years of experience in the holistic health and medical fields. He is interested in the relationship between the physical body, our thoughts and feelings and our general sense of wellbeing. His method explores ways of bringing these aspects of ourselves into harmony and alignment. His students’ individual journeys and transformations are a tremendous source of inspiration for his work.

With over a decade’s service as a paramedic with the Detroit Fire Department as well as in the emergency and orthopedic departments of Detroit’s top trauma centers, Jason brings a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge to his practice. He has travelled extensively throughout the world learning healing arts from many gifted teachers both mainstream and traditional. Jason has made Thailand his home since 2004 and offers personal sessions, training and workshops at resorts, healing centre’s and temples in Thailand and on a global scale. He also studies South Indian and Thai martial arts, yoga and enjoys spending time with family and friends the world over.