“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

Be Grateful

Being grateful is a wonderful state of being, and one which is intrinsically linked to being happy. Countless studies have shown that being grateful and having a positive life, is deeply intertwined. Having gratitude allows us to see the world through rose tinted glasses or find the silver lining in any situation. True gratitude occurs even when life isn’t going our way.  Choosing to see the positives and be grateful for them overturns feeling of regret, disappointment, frustration and even trauma. 

The secret is having the aptitude to dig deep when we enter into life’s darkest moments, and realising that even when things seem hopeless, there is always plenty to be thankful for in our lives. All of our Santosa retreat guests are encouraged to carry out a session on gratitude when they are with us – and the reason is, it sets the tone for a positive day and a good attitude makes detox so much more comfortable!

Do you want to experience more gratitude in your life, but can’t quite figure out how to change your perspective? Take a look at 8 common characteristic of grateful people, and alter your mindset today to open up the gateway to positivity!

1. Grateful people understand that happiness comes from within. They do not base the satisfaction of their lives on preconceived ideas or conditions. You will not hear a grateful person say “if this occurs then I will be happy” or “if this person did this, then I would be so much happier.” Happy people accept that change is the only certainty in life, and they do not resist it, nor try to alter what cannot be shifted. Grateful people do not try to change others, they see the positive traits instead.

2. Grateful people know that life is about light and shade. They don’t wallow in the darkness, and see it as a part of normal life and an essential ingredient to appreciating the sunny side of life! Grateful people are thankful for the times when life throws them a curveball, because they understand that learning from mistakes is an important part of the evolution of self!

3. Grateful people do not believe that their life owes them. They know that life can be unfair, but the level to which it affects our happiness is based upon the work they put into changing their own circumstances. Grateful people know that positivity takes work, and they take an active interest in protecting their own happiness.

4. Grateful people don’t sweat the small stuff. They know that tomorrow isn’t just a brand new day, it is a brand new start where the past doesn’t matter, and the future is theirs to create. They look at big setbacks with a clear and balanced perspective. Happy people retain hope, because of this they do not get bitter, resentful or jaded.

5. Grateful people do not hold grudges. They understand that energy spent hanging onto anger and resentment, means less time for positivity, enthusiasm and motivation. Instead, grateful people forgive. It is all down to expectation – when others do not behave as we had hoped for, when they make choices that would not have been our own. In understanding and forgiving behavioral patterns, grateful people are also able to set boundaries and limit interactions without any bitterness in order to protect their own happiness. (refer to point 2)

6. Grateful people are not victims. They remove themselves from people and situations that are negative and do not dwell on past injustices. Happiness is attributable to ‘clean thinking,’ grateful people have the ability to separate fact from perception, separating their emotions in order to see things from a rational and objective standpoint. 

7. Grateful people are not rigid. Being flexible is the opposite of being stubborn. Stubborn people stunt their personal growth, because they cling onto old ways of thinking and behavioral patterns – but when life is constantly changing, we need to learn to change with it in order to be happy and give others the right to change their minds. Rather than being a square peg in a round hole, grateful people are like plasticine, they have the agility to fit their thinking around any space.

8. Grateful people define their lives by the realisation of their dreams, not by their setbacks. A grateful mindset will not allow excessive negative self-talk, nor get stuck in past perceived failures or regrets. A grateful mind knows that being down on yourself is a waste of time. When a grateful person recognises that they may be taking a trip into a dark place, they take positive action to create a psychological shift.  

Why don’t you begin your day like our beautiful detox guests do in sunny Phuket? Write down a list of ten things that you are grateful for, to set the intention for a positive and happy day!