Mohamed from Kuwait finished his 7 days Green Juice Fasting at Santoa detox and wellness center Thailand.

He wanted to use green juice fast to beat his diabetes.

He said: “I stayed here for 7 days, but I am sure I have changed all my body and the health also. I lost weight around 5kg within 7 days. I will do again… and thank you so much for the whole program.”

Before he arrived, we knew from his questionnaire that his blood sugar was pretty high, so we put him in the Green Juice Fasting. During the program, he stopped his medication with close monitoring from our team. His blood sugar level became much more stable after 1 day, and it continuously improved, till the end the program, all data showed normal.

In past couple years, we had many diabetes guests joining our Green Juice program and the result turned out amazingly.

Fasting is a real way to help the body to rebuild its capability to heal itself. This is the way to treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

We feel great that Mohamed decided to deal with blood sugar issues with the natural remedy. To deal with diabetes, a clean and balanced diet is also very important, this is what we will follow up.

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