This fresh green vegetable juice is jam packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients that have an instant impact on the body, within minutes of consuming. 

Benefits of Green Juice

Green juice has long been known as one of the magical secrets to anti-ageing and optimal cellular health, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the green pigment found within, chlorophyll. 

Almost identical in molecular structure to hemoglobin, or blood! Chlorphyll assists the body to produce healthy red blood cells, and oxygenates the blood, which is one of the key defining factors of efficient cell function, organ detoxification and cleansing.

Cancer fighting, and full of free radicals, green juice also assists to keep intestines health intact, has an antiseptic effect on the body, is anti-inflammatory and can regulate blood sugar levels. One of its more interesting attributes is that sufficient consumption can have a naturally deodorizing effect on the sweat glands. Does this mean that the emerald goodness found within the Spring Clean Juice just got sexy?! 

Important to our detox center, one of the most noticeable benefits of green juice consumption is the inherently alkalizing effect on the body. Helping to combat disease and inflammation by reducing the acid levels in our bodily environments, the simple addition of green juice every day can help flood the body with health reversing goodness and create cellular utopia. 

This green juice’s ingredients are kale, mint, parsley or celery and kiwi, it doesn’t contain fructose, which is increasingly being the blame for the rise of a number of health related issues, not to mention glycation, which is a key part of the internal processes that make us look older. 

To ramp up your health and make your internal bio-chemistry a priority, get on the green bandwagon. The Spring Clean juice is a perfect combination of dark leafy goodness, and does just what the name entails, deeply cleansing your insides, giving an injection of natural energy like no other! 

Why not try it at Santosa’s Juice Bar in Phuket? Just like us, we are sure that you’ll adopt it straight away!

Happy Spring Clean!