Why sometimes it is good to feel bad!

A temporary spike in detox symptoms during the elimination of toxins, the healing crisis occurs when our body remembers the imbalances of its past. Uncomfortable, and occasionally alarming – a healing crisis is a great sign that the body is working to heal itself.

When years of accumulated toxins are being released from our cells, sometimes our body’s elimination channels cannot keep up with them.

How to get over a healing crisis?

The key to navigating your way through this in a detox program? You must keep going! Remember that it is all part of the process, and the discomfort will be short-lived. Rest really helps, as does looking for the positive and helping it to change our habits going forward.

When during a detox program at Santosa Wellness Center in Phuket, you find yourself going through a healing crisis, remember that this is a momentary feeling and the benefits gained from it are much greater. Our team members are always here to make this temporary body reaction go as smooth as possible.