It is scientifically proven that sufferers of ongoing stress or anxiety end up with physical manifestations of their mental disorders, in symptoms such as weight gain, high blood pressure, low energy, insomnia and a greater incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. 

This alone is proof that the mind carries an incredible power over our physical selves, and can be manifested either positively or negatively to influence our physical form.

Studies done on Tibetan monks have shown that their brain wave patterns and the structure of grey matter in the brain itself, is actually pliable,  and regular practice of meditation seems to entirely change the way in which the brain works, and indeed have profound positive impacts on physical health. 

How to connect Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga, as we spoke about in a previous post this week, is another of the self-discovery practices, bringing about internal awareness and activating our consciousness. Many of those who practice yoga at advanced levels, are actually able to change their physical states – lowering their heart rate through breathing practice and changing their temperatures with precision based on intent. We all have these magical abilities, but many of us ignore them and treat only the symptoms of our inner distress, rather than the root cause.

How can you become more aware of your body and help to eliminate illness and disease? Firstly, live a clean and simple life. Dulling our senses through over-indulgence, tobacco, alcohol or medications means that we are unable to listen to the signals that our body tries to send to our mind, in order to self-heal. Once we are following a more pure path, simply sitting and being still, focusing on the breath, is an incredibly awakening experience that can create profound shifts.

It is simple to do – sit cross legged on the ground, and shut your eyes. Deeply breathing in and out, focus on the sensations in the different areas of your body. Relax and simply be aware of the messages that your body is trying to tell your mind. It is so simple, but the reconnection that occurs is so profound. Too often we wait until we have serious problems before we try to correct anything on a physical level. This is a very negative way of being, and we could potentially avoid serious disease and discomfort, if we only spent a few minutes a day learning to reconnect the basis of our being – the body, mind and spirit. 

At Santosa in Phuket we practice what we preach every day and invite you to come, not only to learn how to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit but to practice it in different classes we offer.