Oil pulling is simple, easy, clean and its benefits are extensive. It is one of nature’s most efficient ways to naturally detox the body.


What is oil pulling?

Deeply rooted in Ayurvedic traditions, oil pulling is a 3,000 year old ritual that involves placing a tablespoon of extra virgin organic cold pressed oil into your mouth. Most people use coconut oil, but sesame and olive oil also work.

Once the tablespoon of oil has been placed into the mouth, it needs to be swished around for at least twenty minutes. Five of those minutes should also be spent making sure the oil is ‘pulled’ between your teeth before being spit out. Please ensure not to swallow the oil, as you will ingest the toxins you are trying to pull out of your mouth.

After twenty minutes, you can spit the oil out and continue with your daily oral hygiene routine. Try to brush your teeth with an all-natural flouride-free toothpaste, and once you are finished rinse your mouth out. Oil pulling really is that easy!


ingesting-shrooms-fastingWhy oil pulling?

Oil pulling has been proven in transforming health. The mouth is home to literally millions of fungi, bacteria, viruses and other toxins. When oil pulling, the oil acts like a cleanser. It pulls out the toxins before they have the chance to spread throughout the body. Oil pulling frees up the immune system and aids in overall well-being.


Top Benefits of oil pulling

Some of the most noticeable and best benefits of oil pulling include:

  1. Whitens teeth

The organic oil used in oil pulling possesses all-natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that brighten and clean the teeth, helping to keep them white. Effects on oil pulling on the colour of the teeth are generally noticeable after two weeks.


  1. Increases energy

Clearing out toxic waste from our bodies drains our energy levels. Oil pulling helps to remove toxic waste, so it lowers the overall amount of work our body must do to function properly, which leaves us feeling better and a whole lot more energetic.


  1. Detoxes the body 

The gateway to the body for contamination is the mouth. Oil pulling removes the toxins at the source before they spread, which detoxes the body.


  1. Reduces headaches

Headaches and migraines occur due to toxic stress. Oil pulling helps to eliminate bacteria from the body, which in turn can ease the frequency of headaches and migraines.


  1. Keeps the skin clear

When toxins are removed from the body, the skin has a chance to shine. Rashes, acne and skin issues often reduce dramatically or clear up completely when oil pulling.

Above all, oil pulling promotes good oral hygiene. Oil pulling is highly effective at reducing cavities and taming, or even eradicating, bad breath. Oil pulling also helps combat plaque-induced gingivitis. Oil pulling is so good for you, and such an easy practice to incorporate into your daily routine. Give it a try!


Detox programs in Phuket

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of oil pulling, or would like information on detox programs in Phuket simply fill out the inquiry form below. Santosa Detox and Wellness Center offers a wide variety of detox programs in the lovely beach neighbourhood of Kata in Phuket, Thailand. All inquiries will be answered by one of professional wellness staff. We are here to assist you in your detox and wellness journey.

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