The process of cleansing the body through detoxification dates back to the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations. Even then, the concept of autointoxication from putrefied foods and partially digested matter was completely understood, and the act of flushing out the colon with the use of enemas, and fasting in order to restore cellular health was common practice.

Purifying all Levels of Our Being 

Fasting for spiritual purposes has been observed for many centuries, and is a practice amongst many faiths that continues until today. In India, Ayurveda, an ancient form of holistic medicine, promoted fasting and detox as a cornerstone to balance out the ‘doshas’ or 5 natural elements of the body. As far back as 400 bc, practitioners of ancient Ayurvedic medicine frequently recommended diets that cleansed the body of impurities by eliminating various food groups and emphasising on a plant-based diet. 

Throughout history, we have understood that the connection between body, mind and spirit is an essential part of the equilibrium required for our physical and mental health, and thus the connection between physically toxic environments and mentally toxic behaviour, is a well documented one. In order to function optimally, we know we need a foundation of purity on ALL levels of our being, and for many, this starts with the physical.

Increasingly, we are looking towards the past for inspiration on how to live happier, more fulfilled and peaceful lives, and detox has been lauded as a very big part of clearing out physical and emotional debris and starting from a new foundation of good health. Like many notions from the old world, there are several incredibly good reasons why the concept of detox has stood the test of time, and we encourage you to see what the ancient civilisations were all about by trying it for yourself today at Santosa for a real Detox in Phuket.