A natural therapy in which heated stones are applied to the body, Hot Stone Massage is a form of therapeutic body work that promotes profound relaxation and a sense of peace. It is one of the signature treatments at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.


How does Hot Stone Massage work?Hot-Stone-Massage-Kelowna

In preparation for a Hot Stone Massage, smooth, round stones are heated to a luxurious warmth and used in the palm of the hands to massage the body. The stones can either be oiled or heated in sanitized water, but the effects of the treatment are the same.


The heat from the stones penetrates deeply while promoting overall increased detoxification, utter relaxation, relief of muscle tension, stress and fatigue. The advantages of this treatment are both physical and psychological.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage 

Not only is it profoundly relaxing, but Hot Stone Massage is also a deeply detoxifying treatment. The combination of the massage and the hot stones stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. Increased circulatory activity aids in the release of toxins from the muscles which promotes the body to self-heal.


As tense muscles are healed during the Hot Stone Massage, pain and muscle spasms dissipate encouraging a sense of peacefulness which washes away stress, eases anxiety disorders and can possibly help mend depression. The total body relaxation brought about by Hot Stone Massage sets the stage for rejuvenating the body, the mind and the spirit.

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What does the treatment consist of?

The therapy room is set up to promote relaxation and a sense of peace. The room itself is generally quiet with soft music playing in the background. The stones are heated to approximately 34 degrees celsius, and are placed on the treatment table in alignment with both sides of the spine and then covered with a soft towel.


The Hot Stone Massage begins by lying back onto the warm stones, then hot stones are strategically placed over the heart, on the abdomen and under the neck. With the body being penetrated by heat both above and below, the Hot Stone Massage begins.


Throughout the entirety of the Hot Stone Massage, each of the body’s limbs are massaged and the stones are used by the therapist to apply additional pressure and heat. Warm stones will be cupped in the therapist’s palms to increase the sense of penetrating heat until the session finishes.


Are there mental benefits?

Hot Stone Massage promotes mental wellness. The utter sense of relaxation that is felt during the treatment eases mental stress and tension. It is not uncommon to fall asleep or enter a deep meditative state during Hot Stone Massage. Most people find this a common response to receiving this type of healing session, especially those who do not get enough rest as the act of lying down encourages relaxation.


Getting Heated

Hot Stone Massage is available in Phuket. It is one of the signature treatments offered in the spa at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. If you are interested in learning more about this type of thermotherapy, simply fill out the inquiry form below. A well-advised member of our staff will be in touch with more information. We look forward to welcoming you for your ninety minute session at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.

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