Working as a chef and coach at the restaurant of the detox center here in Phuket, I’m always amazed by the quantity of people actually wanting to be in better shape, to feel good, to taste good food and not feeling guilty, and to live life to the fullest….
I’m a vegan chef and the question I got more frequently, when talking to people, is “How I can lose weight?”
Everybody wants to lose weight, but all of them are “afraid” of being on a diet; it’s just like they don’t like the word itself.
Do you know what “diet” actually means?
It comes from the Greek word “diaita” which means “style of life”. So, it is not only a matter of food, it’s also a matter of thoughts and habits.
For this week’s Coach Corner I give you some inspirations and ideas for your life style, some practical tips as an answer to that question. Remember to consult your physician before starting any diet or weight loss program, or talk to a good detox expert and manager for more information.

1. It’s a matter of “process”, not “goal”
You can lose weight by following a process, and for this it takes time. It’s not only a matter of the goal. As Jeff Haden says, “[…] process is everything, if you cannot commit to the process, you won’t get the result.”
Remember, it must be at least 21 days. (I can say that 28 days is even better, like a lunar month, as we are so influenced by the Moon)

2. Figure out what you are currently eating
I mean everything that you are taking into your body… And also what you are currently drinking. Keep a record and read it often, you will be amazed. (I know, I already wrote about that; it’s just so important and crucial that I like to remind again.)
I like this sentence: when we are being observed we change our behavior.
In this case you will be the one doing the observing

3. Start with a 1 or 2 days fast
It can be a juice fast, a raw food fast, or a vegetable broth fast.
1 day fast is just the beginning and it will change your mood and you will feel much better and motivated.

4. Drink two glasses of water before every meal.
Please drink authentic water. Not soda, light coke or sparkling cold water.
Just water – fresh, transparent and precious still water, at warm temperature.

5. Don’t eat anything white, starchy and processed
Flour, sugar, potatoes, butter, cheese, milk, etc.
Replace all these with legumes, vegetables (cauliflowers are white AND ok, as they are not processed)

6. Eat as much raw food as you can
It’s delicious and healthy and it will help you feeling full and nourished. Try also vegan raw food…healthy, yummy and good for you and the planet.

7. Engage yourself in a physical activity
Choose the one you prefer and stick to it for 21 (or 28) days, minimum. You can try yoga, for example: aerial yoga, acro yoga, bliss yoga, hatha yoga…it is a wonderful way to connect body and mind and have them in perfect balance.
Or you can walk, swim or do aqua-gym, run…
The possibilities are endless.

8. Stick to the plan
As I wrote above, process is everything.
Get ready for transformations!