When dieting and invited to an even typical thoughts might be:

“What am I gonna eat? Celery stick? No way, there will be the best selection of my favorite food…”

“Should I say yes to the mayo-chipotle-double sauce-veggie- -pancake-with-french-fries-on-the-side? It’s for tonight only…”

Every event could seem perfect to splurge, but the consequence can be the worst kind of party affliction: the FOOD HANGOVER.

Here some easy-to-follow tips to save you, so you will learn how to say no to that extra slab of creamy, spicy, luscious, fluffy yummy dip.

1- Go to sleep earlier the night before the party and rest at least for seven hours

Rest up at least for seven or eight hours. When we sleep less than that, we have the tendency to eat more than what we need and to choose higher fat foods. This will have a consequence on our choices, when in front of a buffet.

2- Be a food detective

We have the tendency to consume the most of the food we first pile onto our plates, so act accordingly: take a look at the buffet and examine all the dishes, and ask questions if necessary. Don’t be afraid you’ll not be able to have that amazing fresh vegetable roll because the other guests are fighting to have one: just wait for few minutes and you will find them again. The catering companies know this very well, that’s why they always have extra rolls ready J

Use your senses: sight, smell and talk to the waiters, they can give you the best advice.

3- What to drink?

Drinking water, two or three full glasses, before going to the party will help you reduce your appetite so you can make the best choices once you are in front of the buffet. The choice will not be driven by psychologic hunger. At the party ask for fruit juice or fruit mocktail. If there will be wine and you really, really, really want a taste of it, follow this simple rule of thumb: when pouring the wine, mentally count to 3 before saying stop: that is the right quantity of wine. Actually wine can help you because it can reduce the impact of high fat foods. Please, remember that moderation is the key.

4- Choose a small plate

Do we really need to explain this?

Several studies demonstrate, that by choosing a smaller plate, we can trick our brains to think we are eating more.

Another piece of advice: go for the vegetables, unadorned. Despite the fact that I’m vegan, so this article might be a little tricky and definitely supporting the vegan movement, veggies are really the best choice at parties. Cooked or raw, they can fill you up leaving you lighter and ready to dance like a pro…without that nasty food coma, too!

Golden Rule:

If there is fruit at the buffet, always eat fruit as first course, possibly without any yoghurt or custard or double-cream-mousse. Eating fruit first will help you to feel full, without being bloated and the sugar of the fruit is enough for you not to feel the need to put that extra slab of sauce or ice-cream on top. When the blood sugar level is ok, you don’t feel “the need” to eat like tomorrow never comes J

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