Chen-style Tai Chi is widely recognized as the oldest form of Tai Chi as well as being the ancestor of all of the other Tai Chi styles. Chen-style Tai Chi is a unique form of the martial art. Characterized by low powerful stances, body coiling movements, stomping and forceful releases of power, Chen-style Tai Chi is explosive with its moves that include jumping kicks, cannon fists and thundering stomps.


For those based in Phuket and eager to learn more about Chen-style Tai Chi, Santosa proudly presents a two day workshop with Tai Chi Master Chen Juan on the 18th and 19th of March. We are honoured to have Master Chen Juan with us, and this workshop is sure to be interesting as well as informative.


Even if you are a beginner to the practice of Tai Chi, Chen-style Tai Chi is for you. Due to its powerful moves, Chen-style Tai Chi is a favourite of those who are athletically inclined, however, Chen-style Tai Chi can be practiced with slower, more graceful light movements. Whichever way you practice Chen-style Tai Chi, the health benefits and martial art aspects are still preserved.


A trademark of Chen-style Tai Chi is Silk Reeling. Imagine unraveling a silk worm’s cocoon in a single thread, and this can give you a vision of what Silk Reeling is. Drawing on the silk reeling energy, the Silk Reeling movements made famous by Chen-style Tai Chi feature light touches with smooth circular motions as well as even, continuous pressure. This type of silk reeling energy comes from the coiling movements practiced in Chen-style Tai Chi.


When learning Chen-style Tai Chi moves, it is best to remember that each move in not a simple movement. Instead, each movement is a combination of specific actions, including weight shifts and blows. Learning the choreography of Chen-style Tai Chi can be difficult at first, but don’t give up because as with all martial arts, the perfection of Chen-style Tai Chi takes a lot of practice. It is important to take note that finding an instructor for Chen-style Tai Chi may take a bit of research as only about 1% of the Tai Chi world are Chen-style practitioners.


Chen-style Tai Chi is the oldest known style of Tai Chi, stemming from the Chen village in 17th century China. The style itself has a unique history, and was highly protected and kept secret for over a century as the villagers refused to teach their style of Tai Chi to outsiders. It is an amazing martial art to witness, learn and practice.


Santosa Detox and Wellness Center will host Tai Chi Master Chen Juan on the 18th and 19th of March for a two day workshop on Chen-style Tai Chi. This is an amazing opportunity to participate in a workshop led by a Tai Chi Master and a wonderful way to experience Chen-style Tai Chi up close and personal.


If you would like to join, simply fill out the enquiry form below. We look forward to seeing you on the 18th and 19th of March for our Chen-style Tai Chi Workshop facilitated by Tai Chi Master Chen Juan.

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