IBS symptoms are incredibly painful, and are largely caused by ill-performing digestive function, which eventually means that we are unable to absorb nutrients effectively, and low energy, over-eating and insulin resistance can result. 

A Lesson on Digestion

It starts the minute we put something in our mouths. The key is to chew slowly, around 30 to 50 times before we even swallow. Cutting out the work of the rest of your digestive system can be a cure alone for IBS sufferers. Another way to aid in digestion is to avoid drinking beverages at meal times and to ensure that when you eat you are sitting down and actually concentrating on the meal! Others drink bitter tea before eating, which stimulated the secretion of stomach acid and digestive enzymes – if you are going to do this, then around 15 minutes before meal time is optimal.

Carminative herbs can also be helpful. A small cup of strong peppermint tea after meals, especially if you have a warm or hot metabolism, can be effective. If you tend to run on the cooler side, try ginger tea.

To determine which foods your body accepts as nutritious and which may be difficult to digest, try an elimination diet. The idea is to eat and monitor your consumption for two to four weeks, avoiding any impediments to digestion – namely, coffee, caffeine, corn, dairy, eggs, peanuts red meat, shellfish, soy, tomatoes and wheat. Gradually re-introduce a food per day to see whether your body reacts to it. Usually these foods are the main source of intolerances. The reactions to look out for are, changes in your bowel function, skin or mood. Whatever causes negative reaction should be eliminated immediately.

Another way to really help your IBS symptoms is to take part in a cleansing or purifying program. This is absolutely essential in order to clear the colon, and ensure that a good foundation is set for your health and wellness journey to begin.

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