Jen Fisher, a beautiful young lady from Hong Kong, recently completed our 7 days full fast detox program. She wrote us a wonderful and inspiring letter about her experience and feelings. Thank you so much Jen, and congratulations on the completion of your health program, we are so proud of your results, and look forward to seeing you again in future.

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“To the Staff of Santosa Detox & Wellness Phuket,

Well, I did it! But I couldn’t have accomplished any of it without the amazing support of all of you.Your positivity, nurturing and genuine interest in my well-being has left me with sucha sense of gratitude and respect for each and every one of you. What you share here and give here is nothing less than phenomenal heading, and for this I THANK YOU.

I was searching for direction, clarity, something of substance and you brought that to me by your support and guidance.

Each of you brings something unique and valuable to this retreat which sets it high in quality. I definitely plan to take this lesson and valuable information and use it in my everyday life and I have you to thank you that.

I wish you much success in the future and you will be seeing me again. And if you’re ever in HongKong please let me know, you have a personal tour guide waiting.

Thank you again.

 JEN JJ :) :)”