Jennelle Gordon has had a perfectly unorthodox pathway into the tantric world. Raised in a Christian missionary family, her path lured her into the intoxicating and heady world of sin-city, otherwise known as Las Vegas. 

Here she began a stripping career, and although lucrative – she nearly lost everything material due to poor financial decisions and the stock market crash! The change led her to seek out her spirituality again, this time with yoga and tantra. Organically a link formed between these worlds, and she developed a method that made the defining principles accessible to the modern-day woman, teaching them to tap into their divine feminine strength and use their sexual energy positively.

The Path to Tantra

Her treatment allows women to rediscover the beautiful relationship with themselves, opening up a magical channel where there is no shame, guilt or punishment for exploring their femininity and nurturing a healthy relationship with their sexuality. Jennelle’s passion is to provide a pathway for women to define the ultimate connection with their true selves, connected to a higher source of consciousness, in a relaxing space devoid of judgment with powerful and accessible methods. A true retreat away from a world increasingly dominated by masculine energy, striking the balance required to let our femininity shine. 

The statistics are heartbreaking – one in four women is subject to sexual trauma at one point in their lives, and these are just the cases that we know about. Jennelle’s unique brand of healing is a divine source of inspiration for these women, and any who have feelings of self-condemnation or shame around their sexuality. She is a true visionary, and one who we are SO excited to have at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket

If you would like to meet the beautiful Jennelle in person and hear all about her story and her healing methods, then please join us for a FREE workshop at 4pm this Saturday 27th September on the Santosa Pavilion. Please email to confirm your attendance.