Giving up the Baskin & Robbins empire to focus on sustainable food sources

A bit of inspiration for the day… Did you know that John Robbins, the heir in line to Baskin & Robbins incredibly lucrative empire, turned down not only his position in the company, but also his trust fund, to spread the message about sustainable food sources and raw, plant based nutrition?

After witnessing the rampant heart disease in his family from a young age, John Robbins decided that something had to be done to compel the world away from unconscious food choices.

In 1987 he wrote ‘Diet for a New America,’ which finally created a link between environment, nutrition and animal rights, and started a revolution in the health and food industries. Many works followed, but it was the book “The Food Revolution” that really enraptured the world, and started to create true awareness and change.  It was one of the very first books to discuss the negative health effects of eating genetically modified foods and animal products of all kinds, exposing the dangers inherent in our factory farming system, and advocating a complete plant-based diet urging us to eat ethically farmed and produced produce.

This book is still one of the most talked about sources in the food-politics revolution, and is cited by so many key campaigners and academics, despite being over 10 years old.

If you need more proof that vegetarian food is absolutely incredible for you, just take a look at Mr Robbins himself… At 66 years young, he is the ideal advertisement and a wonderful face of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle! Tirelessly campaigning, and absolutely resolute in his convictions, it is hard not to be convinced by such a wonderful, inspirational man.

At Santosa Detox Center in Phuket, we follow his research avidly, and wholeheartedly agree with his principles behind choosing vegan & vegetarian food. Join us for cooking classes in our restaurant, where we display how to make vegetarian a little more sexy, and replicate some of the deliciously wholesome dishes from our wonderful chef Manoj.