Good health starts from the minute you open your eyes!

Ever wondered what the secrets of the uber-healthy are? We have a few of their tips to share! Their health routine shows that beauty doesn’t start and end in the mirror, it all comes out glowing from within, and here is how:

Oil Pulling

As soon as you wake up, before brushing your teeth or taking a glass of water, slosh a bit of oil around in your mouth. Why? An ancient Ayurvedic remedy, it is used for oral hygiene and to pull bacteria, fungus and other unwelcome organisms from the gums and teeth. Assisting the lymphatic system, oil pulling also allows healthy organisms to flourish. What kind of oil? Organic extra-virgin coconut or sesame oil are our recommendations.


Alkalise before you eat! Drink warm water with lemon or organic apple cider vinegar in it to get your digestive system going! Other benefits include balancing PH levels, aiding weight loss, promoting clearer skin, hydrating the lymphatic system and boosting immunity!

Natural Toothpaste

When the time finally comes to cleanse your mouth, do not destroy all of your hard work by flooding your system with the harmful toxins found in store-bought toothpaste! Make your own natural version, or come and buy it from Santosa!

The best part about starting your day in such a positive way? It sets the intention for making healthier choices throughout the rest of it! So why not follow these morning rituals just like we do at Santosa Detox Center in Phuket.