Santosa Detox Wellness Center New Year Resolutions

Welcome to 2018. It is a brand new year, another chance to get it right and start from a clean slate. Don’t let your New Year’s resolutions and best intentions fall to the wayside. Whether you pledge to eat better, exercise more or just live an overall healthier life, 2018 can truly be your year to shine.

In order to live a healthier life, one of the first steps is to evaluate current eating patterns and dietary habits. If your current diet is less than favorable, start by changing the negative to positive. Cut back on sugars and starches, and lose any kind of sugary or carbonated drinks. Instead, replace those with good old-fashioned water and healthy freshly squeezed juices.

Try to eat more green vegetables and cook more at home than dining out. Pay particular attention to the cooking oil you use to prepare your meals and opt for healthier choices such as Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil or Rice Bran oil. When meal planning, it is important to keep a healthy balance and focus on the 3 major nutrients: carbs, protein and fat.

Once you are able to sort out your diet, it is time to think about exercise. In order to keep the body fit, it is important to be active. Are you new to an exercise regime? Find an activity that you enjoy and stick with it. Every little bit helps with regard to exercise whether it is jogging, swimming, yoga, HIIT class or a brisk, daily walk, the more you move the fitter you will become.

Feeling ambitious? Join a fitness class of your choice. A fitness class or even the gym is a wonderful place to meet like-minded individuals and build a support network. Don’t be shy when it comes to joining a fitness class. You will feel motivated and everyone in the class, especially the trainer, will be rooting for you to succeed.

Managing stress is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Smart ways to manage stress include taking a deep breath and counting to ten. Perhaps you can join a meditation class to help balance the stress. One important thing to remember is that when you are stressed, do not break your new healthy lifestyle by binge eating. Stress eating takes its toll on the body. Not only will you gain weight, and possibly continue to fluctuate, you are also likely to suffer from digestion system dysfunction. Other ways to manage stress are to focus and plan. Get yourself into a routine. Remember it only takes 21 days to form a new habit and condition yourself to make it stick.

Another way to keep up a healthy lifestyle is to participate in a detox once a year. A detox program is a great way to flush the toxins out of your body while resetting your system. While a detox can be challenging, you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated after. A detox is a wonderful way to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

Become a Better You at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

If you are willing to make the commitment and turn your life around in 2018, the dedicated staff at Santosa are waiting and ready to support you. Located on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand, Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art detox center which offers a wide variety of healthy eating programs, detox programs, fitness programs and fasting programs.

In addition, we have fitness classes, a fresh juice bar and a five star vegan restaurant serving the very best in innovative, plant-based cuisine.

Interested in learning more? Simply fill out the inquiry form below. We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa and ushering in a new you in 2018.

Full Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Fullfast 600X600

Full fast is a full cleanse program specially designed to enable maximum results. You will have no food / no juice but only drink water with cleanses drinks and nutrition supplements. Participants of this program will be subjected to the most powerful, yet natural, body detoxification processes. This program is suitable for those who have detoxification experience and are determined to go deeper for cleanse. A thorough pre-cleanse is also important for the full fast.

Juice Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Juicefast 600X600

Juice fast is a cleanse program to nourish and detoxify the body by drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the correct vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Guests participating in the Juice Fast Program have higher energy levels allowing them to take advantage of the various activities available at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Raw Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Rawfast 600X600

Raw food fast brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies. This program is recommended for guests looking for a long lasting and sustainable post program experience. With a balanced and nutritionally delicious set raw food menu in addition to the regular fasting supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular cleansing sessions, this program is designed to optimize the detoxification process in every way. A raw food diet has shown to increase energy levels, which is great for taking part in many of Santosa’s activities.