What is pre-cleanse?

A pre-cleanse is a list of dietary and lifestyle changes that are made prior to embarking on a detox program.


Detox will achieve different levels of purification, dependent on how much preparation we do to ensure that our alkalinity is at its maximum before we take on the process of cleansing the colon and major organs with professional herbs and colema treatments.

Some of the changes include switching to a vegetable based diet, heavy in raw, whole foods. Drinking 3 – 5L of water per day, cutting out tea, coffee and alcohol, abstaining from smoking, and not consuming any processed, wheat or dairy based foods.

In order to reach the deepest level of purification possible, it is imperative that we set our bodies up to give them the best possible chance to achieve optimal health and vitality. At Santosa, we make it very easy, by providing you with a list of common dietary choices, and providing the alkaline alternative.


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