Santosa Programs & Prices

Whether you are looking for a relaxing Yoga Retreat, Wellness Escapes, Spa Treatments or a thorough Detox Program, cleansing your body of stress and toxins, at the Santosa you find it all.
Not only do you get some of the best treatments here, you’ll also be papered by our dedicated and well-educated team of professionals.

Fast Detox Programs & Retreats

Full Fast Cover

Full Fast Program

Boost cognitive performance, Reduce inflammation, Improve overall fitness, Support weight loss, Decrease the risk of metabolic diseases

Juice Fast Program

Juice Fast Program

Improving sleep, Clearing skin, Promoting weight loss, Ridding the body of toxins and Reducing sugar cravings.

Raw Fast Program Cover

Raw Fast Program

Improve Heart Health, Improve Digestion, Promoting weight loss, Reduce risk of Diabetes

Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Yoga Retreat Cover

Yoga Retreat

Ease stress and anxiety levels, Increased respiration energy and vitality, Weight reduction and improve flexibility and strength.

Active Cleanse Cover

Active Fit

Stronger Immune System, Improved Skin, Better Breath and clearer Thinking, Rids the Body of Any Excess Waste

Center Class Cover

Center Class

Morning Yoga, Breath Work, Yoga for the back, Hata Yoga/Yin, Yoga Full Body training/TRX, Aerial Yoga/Acro Yoga, Beach Trip/Jungle Walk

Healty Retreats and Programs

Healthy Vegan Retreat Cover

Healthy Vegan Retreat

Healthy Vegan Retreat Program is designed to teach you about healthy eating habits and prepare your body for a more intense detox.

Raw Healing Retreat

Raw Healing Retreat

Raw Healing Retreat Program is designed to teach you how to use raw living food to heal or enhance your body condition.

Emotional Detox Cover

Emotional Detox Program

Emotionally Detoxing: Clear out the negativity and radiate your inner smile!

Thriving Life Program

A Thriving Life Program

It’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation in a fun, caring atmosphere.

Spa & Wellness Treatments

Signature Detox Treatment

Signature & Detox Treatment

Shirodara & Ayurvedic, Thai Herbal Compress, Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy, Ion Cleanse Foot Bath, Epsom Salt Foot SPA and Foot Scrub

Beauty Wellness Treatments

Beauty & Wellness Treatments

Hands & Feet, Foot Scrub + Pedicure, Face Care, Body Care

Signature Tradition Massage

Traditional & Signature Massage

Santosa Detox, Royal Thai Traditional, Lymphatic, Swedish, Aloe Vera Rejuvenating, Relaxing Siam Aroma