Going Raw

Are you looking for a diet or overall lifestyle change? By now, you would have heard of the raw food diet. Raw foodists and strict followers of this diet make some pretty bold claims: you will look younger, you will lose weight, you will have more energy, your body will heal itself from the inside out, curing all of your ailments. It all sounds very enticing, doesn’t it? Going raw does offer superb health benefits, and it is not as hard as you may think. Here is what you need to know about going raw.

 Raw Food Bowl

What exactly is raw food diet?

A raw food diet is composed of foods that when prepared have not been heated above a certain temperature, generally between 104 and 118 degrees. Temperature regulation is based on the fact that cooking destroys enzymes that are vital to human health. Raw foodists believe that without those enzymes, the full, life-supporting benefits of the food we eat are not allowed to reach their full potential.

Raw Food Salad 

A well-balanced raw food diet consists of a variety of fresh produce, grains, seeds, nuts and beans. One of the biggest perks of a raw food diet is that you eat a lot of plants, which are much better for your overall well-being than processed foods and foods that contain artificial toxins. Many comprehensive lifestyle studies credit plant-based diets on greatly reducing the risk of chronic diseases and conditions.

 How to go raw?

If you find yourself interested in the raw food diet, but are unsure of how or where to begin, start by increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Experts suggest eating a wide mix of cooked and uncooked produce to begin your raw food journey. Of course, it is best if you can find organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables, as eating a raw food diet does not eliminate the toxins found in food that is farmed commercially.

Going raw is not as difficult as you might think. Start with a big, green, salad with a variety of leaves and perhaps make it a goal to eat a salad such as this on a daily basis. Afterwards, you can begin incorporating simple uncooked dishes into your regular diet. Good examples of uncooked dishes would be raw vegetables sides and blended soups.

Raw Gazpacho 

When it comes to cooking, instead of frying what you are planning to eat, opt for steaming or stewing. A great rule to follow in the kitchen is cooking things at a lower temperature for less time. Even though it may seem like such a simple step, it will start to move your overall cooking and eating habits in a much healthier direction.

Protein Healthy Food

What are the benefits of going raw?

There are huge benefits to reap from following a raw food diet. In just a short time, whether you go fully raw or incorporate more raw foods into your current diet, you will notice that your energy levels will increase. Due to the fact that a raw food diet detoxes your body from the inside out and you will no longer be putting so many harmful toxins into your body, you will begin to regain a bit more of a youthful appearance. Faithful followers of the raw food diet also note that the need for sleep decreases.
Beetroot salad

Besides the feeling more alert factor of a raw food diet, other benefits include weight loss, improved digestion and skin appearance, not to mention the repairing of various health ailments and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

 Eating raw is eco-friendly

Another significant benefit of a raw food diet is that it is eco-friendly. A raw food diet tends to involve less packaging and a lower use of energy sources for cooking. Raw foods usually do not come in cans or plastics which means less to throw away, making this diet a sound choice for the environment as well.


Where to sample raw food?

Santosa Detox and Wellness Center is home to a chic, sophisticated vegan restaurant that serves modern vegan and raw food cuisine in a welcoming environment with a stunning view of the Andaman Ocean. Chef Mauro sources only the very best fresh, organic and local ingredients, which ensures that his plant-based culinary delights are rich with vital nutrients. Each dish the chef prepares is sure to please even the most skeptical of eaters.

Vegetarian Restaurant Phuket 

The blackboard above the kitchen lists the restaurant’s daily specials and which healthy ingredients are being used. Most dishes on the restaurant’s menu can be ordered as starters or mains, giving the chance to sample a wide variety of raw cuisine in just one sitting. 

Vegan Buffet Saturdays

Every Saturday from 18:30pm, Santosa Detox and Wellness Center serves up a delicious Vegan Buffet. Chef Mauro uses this opportunity to showcase some of his very best vegan and raw food creations. Prepare to have your tastebuds awakened by all of this mouthwatering, tasty and nutritious food!

To make a restaurant booking at Santosa please call 076 330 600 or fill out the form below.