Phuket Sandbox


The Phuket Sandbox is now officially open to all vaccinated travellers flying directly into Phuket.

No hotel quarantine needed, just stay with us and pamper yourself with our Detox & Wellness programs!


Who is eligible to travel under the Phuket Sandbox Program?

  • Vaccinated Travelers from Low and Medium Risk Countries (As per the listing of The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand). In addition, The Traveler have to have been Staying in these countries for not less than 21 Days before the date of Departure.
  • Travelers will have to be Vaccinated 14 Days to 1 Year Before the date of Arrival. The Vaccine type has to be accepted by either The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand or The WHO (World Health organization).
  • For Children under 6 Years Old and Traveling with their Parents, They will not need to Present a Vaccine Certificate upon arrival
  • For Children and teenagers aged between 6 and 18 years Old (Under 18), They will need to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival at Phuket international Airport on their Own Expenses.
  • People traveling by Air or Sea are Eligible for Phuket Sandbox.

What do you need before travelling?

  • Negative PCR test result within 72 Hours Before Departure
  • Insurance Covering at least 100,000 USD against COVID 19 Treatment expenses
  • Vaccine Proof: full vaccination at least 14 days prior to your departure to Thailand and not more than 12 months with a vaccine registered with the MoPH or approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • SHABA Confirmation Letter with QR Code from a SHA Plus Hotel (we will provide it)
  • Flight ticket: Before finalising your hotel reservation you must have a flight secured
  • T-PCR (in Thailand) booking confirmation (you will have to book directly here)
  • COE (Certificate of Entry) (we will help with the procedure)
  • Visa (if Required)
  • ThailandPlus alert application on mobile phone
  • A passport with at least six months validity

Upon arrival at Phuket International Airport

The AOT (Airports of Thailand), took clear Photos that clarify how the International Arrival Process to Phuket will be Like. The Below Photos Explain the Whole Process explained in the slider.

After finishing all of this Process and Downloading and activating the Thailand Plus Mobile Application, you will be allowed to go to your Hotel (with SHA Plus Certificate). Transfer From Phuket International Airport to the Hotel must be operated by a SHA Plus Approved Tour/ Bus Operated.


During your Stay

Required COVID Tests

Guests will undergo maximum of 3 COVID 19 tests during their Stay (It depends on the Stay Duration). The First test will be conducted at the Airport upon arrival as mentioned above, the Second test will be conducted on Day 6 and third will be on Day 12.


Activities and Sightseeing During the Stay

Guests are allowed to do activities and tours only with a SHA Certified tour Operator. (All tours must be inside Phuket Province). When Traveling within Phuket, Guests must behave with the standards of DMHTT( Distancing – Mask wearing – Hand Washing – Testing – Thailand Plus). Phuket has also eased and unlocked restrictions on 10 Different Tourism related Activities, So tourists can enjoy experiencing them during their Stay.

After your Stay

Guests will need to do an RT PCR test 72 hours prior to Departure. In addition, in most of cases, they must present a COVID 19 Vaccination certificate at Check-in or at the Checkpoint in case they will exits the Sandbox by land.

Tourists are allowed to stay less than 14 Nights in Phuket and Travel back to their home country or any other country. However, they are not allowed to travel to another province in Thailand before finishing 14 Nights in Phuket.

For more additional information visit this site the site of TAT NEWS.