The Belly Dance Juice – A little jig for the liver…Apple, Beetroot, Carrot

The combination of humble ingredients makes this staple ‘ABC’ juice a firm favourite… but why is it so great?


A for Apples

Starting with A… apples have long been considered a health staple, and an apple a day keeps the dentist away! But what is it about them that have caught our eye from a detox point of view? The polyphenols! In particular Quecertin, which is the primary phytonutrient found in apples. Quecertin has the incredible ability to decrease oxidation of cell membrane fats. This makes it an antioxidant to be reckoned with!


B for Beetroot

B… beetroot, the dark purple root is FULL of betain, which cleans your blood and is a well-known liver purifier. Interesting fact? You can get an idea of how much acid is in your system by drinking beet juice! If you urine is clear after consumption, you need to up the ante! Pinkish urine means low stomach acid, and we all want to be more alkaline.


C for Carrot

Finally we have C… carrot. Containing beta-carotene, the incredible anti-oxidant that helps to slow down the ageing of cells. Vitamin A also helps to cleanse the liver! So why did we call it belly dance? Because this popular ABC juice is more than just a refreshing thirst quencher! All of these nutrients dancing around in the belly are liquid goodness for the liver… and detoxification does not get much better than that!

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