Every Saturday and Wednesday from 18:30!

Santosa Chef Yvano wows every guest that crosses the threshold of his raw, vegan kingdom atop the Santosa wellness Center. So, it is with great delight that we announce a banquet fit for a king… Vegetarian style!

We look forward to seeing you there, though we ask you to bring one thing along… an empty belly!

To make your booking, dial: 076-330-600
Or Message us on Facebook: Book your Table via Facebook


Vegan is the new black! Come and sample all of the signature dishes from our impressive vegan and raw menu!

Vegan and raw food is quickly becoming a lifestyle of choice, and Santosa’s restaurant makes it a very special experience – where perfect presentation and incredible flavor fusion is the order of every day. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a guilt-free, five star dining experience with one of the most beautiful views of Kata beach?


Santosa’s passion is to showcase that vegan and raw food is not boring or bland… we want to prove that good health can be deliciously tasty, and the vast array of items available on our buffet will do just that!

Our wellness team will also be dining with you, and available to chat to about the center, and any other health related queries that you might have. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Go Green! Why vegetarian food will transform your life…

Vegetarian food has been revolutionized over time, and has developed its own sub-categories – vegan, raw, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian… the list goes on! It is widely acknowledged that adopting a mainly vegetarian diet has far-reaching benefits on our health.

2016-07-30-PHOTO-00001318If we added just 30 – 50% raw vegetarian food, the shift would be even more profound. The modern face of the meat industry is an ugly minefield full of genetically modified over processed products. Animal rights aside, consumption of meat, eggs and dairy, means playing Russian roulette with our health. Containing hormones and preservatives, and being farmed in conditions that are simply too horrid to mention, with a little research into how these products end up on our plate, many of us would be turned off ever touching them again.

Vegetarian food reduces our risk of developing cancer, stops us from gaining weight, and has a huge impact on good cellular function. Remember though, whole, natural foods are the way to go! A good rule of thumb, is if it comes in a packet or a can, it probably isn’t good for you!

Welcome to Santosa Vegetarian Buffet!

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